The Partiologist: Candy Corn - Gummies & Caramel

Candy Corn - Gummies & Caramel

Okay, I might know what you're saying, something like "Are you kidding me, she has more candy corn ideas??" or maybe "Someone please tell her to stop!!".  But since I can't hear anything, I decided to go ahead with this post.  This time it's just a little fun and easy treat with some boxes I bought.  First off I was at a little candy store and of course found some cute little candies (gummy candy corn - I love anything gummy) and had the perfect little boxes to put them in~


I ordered the little boxes from Oriental Trading!!  Great place for party stuff!  Here they are all boxed up~
I also ordered these little boxes, and decided to put some Caramel 'Candy' Corn in each box~
I have a great recipe for caramel corn, but at this point, you probably really don't care and I don't blame you.  And do you want to know what happened to this pack of caramel corn?  Don't judge me for eating the treats, some days all I have is sugar, but I do it for you, my peeps!  :O)))))

Don't be sad, I think I just might have another Candy Corn post on it's way!


  1. Keep'em coming! I love reading your posts and seeing your wonderful ideas!

  2. You are so funny!! Please don't make us beg for more candy corn posts!!!! We're ready for more!!


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