The Partiologist: Zebra Christmas Party - Surprise Giveaway!

Zebra Christmas Party - Surprise Giveaway!

I interrupt the regularly scheduled Monday to bring you a Surprise Giveaway!  You know I really love all of you don't you?  And I really LOVE when you take the time to comment on all my 'hard work' or some may call it 'crazy party ideas'.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a party where all of you could attend?  Until then, I've got a surprise for one lucky reader who commented! 
Remember all these treats?

And remember when I told you to comment and you'd be glad you did??
Everyone who commented on any of my Zebra Party Posts was entered into the official fishbowl -  And a winner was selected...
You are now officially on Santa's Wild List and will receive these treats as soon as you contact me with your shipping information! 
Season's Treating!


  1. oh wow! they are wonderful gifts, you are so talented!

  2. Loving all your wonderful ideas and "goodies"! Love having such a talented and generous friend! Where would we be without all your beautiful posts and creative ideas! Merry Christmas! Cheeron!

  3. Wow...congrats to you Maxwell...what a fantastic give away!!!!...


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