The Partiologist: Zebra Christmas Party - VI

Zebra Christmas Party - VI

Yep, I better hurry up before I you we run out of steam to get this party over with.  Here are the last of the Party Photos.
Little Christmas Package Cakes ready to be unwrapped!

Frosty & Fabulous Frappes!
Notice their little Scarves & Buttons~
And don't forget - I made little Zebra Kisses - (Back Right)
I had lots of Food Food too, so no one passed out from all the Sugar.  For some reason, I didn't get photos of the Food Food.  Maybe it's not much fun to take photos of Santa's Slip & Sliders??  (Mini Hamburgers)  I'm glad you came back for the final photos. 

I've still got ONE more surprise up my sleeve!

Have a WILD week! 


  1. The frappes look delicious!

  2. All looks wonderful! Would love to see it as each guest did as they came in the door! Cheeron

  3. Loved the zebra party! Thank you for inviting us virtually!

  4. Amazing party Kim! So creative!!


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