The Partiologist: Anti Valentine!!

Anti Valentine!!

I know in this wonderful world of Valentine's there are some who simply don't enjoy the day.  I made some cookies so you can really show how you feel~
Love Bites!

No Rose!
Don't Break My Heart!
Don't Bug Me!
In Your Dreams!
Can't Touch This!
Kiss Off!
Love Stinks!
Who Gives A Hoot!
Just Say No!
Love is For Suckers!
Well that about does it for Anti Valentine's Day!
Next up - more from the Chocolate Valentine Fondue Party!

Bite Me Blondie!


  1. These are so them all!!

  2. Wonderful designs for the love-less at heart! They brought a chuckle to my morning!

  3. These just cracked me up, especially "Can't Touch This!". :0)

  4. Cutest cookies ever!!!

  5. They're all so cute and clever. I really love the skunk heart!! Great texture.

  6. You've all made my day by leaving me a comment! Thanks!

  7. Oh, you absolutely crack me up!! Love these! You are just so clever!


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