The Partiologist: You've Got Mail!

You've Got Mail!

With Valentine's day only two weeks away, I came up with a couple of Valentine ideas for you! The first is a simple M & M cookie drizzled with chocolate, tucked inside a CD envelope.  (I wrapped each one in saran wrap frist to avoid any grease spots on the CD envelope!)  A red heart is clipped on with a mini clothespin. 
Valentine Cookies

I decided to display them in regular envelopes that I attached to an artist canvas~
Here they are all filled up~

I guess you could say "You've Got Mail" !
Now this next treat made me laugh.  But sometimes, the jokes on me and no one else gets it.  I used some homemade caramels I wrapped, but you could use anything!
I filled these little bags (after I printed them with the little message)  sealed them with an Arrow~
Get it??  Arrow Mail??  Ha Ha

Details, Details!


  1. Those are both totally adorable ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love these KIM!!! SO cute and creative!!

  3. I love These Kim..
    Super Cute ideas!!!!!!!

  4. You ARE hilarious! These are adorable my amazing friend! Lots of love!

  5. Adorable packaging!! I'm a sucker for cute packaging:P

    Maysem @ Ode to Inspiration


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