The Partiologist: Let's Organize - AGAIN!

Let's Organize - AGAIN!

Please don't hate me because I'm organizing again!  I want you to be organized too, then we'll have more time to party and do fun stuff.  Years ago I had a three ring binder to hold recipes I had torn out of magazines and found online.  And it grew from there.  I really need new binders and I should remake all the labels with my handy dandy label maker~

I just haven't found the time.
Here is my stack of recipe books~
Well it looks like I'm not that organized - they are not in alphabetical order!!  They are each in a sheet protector - does that count??
 Can you believe I have a cupboard full of cookbooks too - and I really don't cook much - only for parties!!  :)
Here's the labels - the old fashioned way~
And totally out of order, but I have learned to live with it.
Now this is something new.  You know all the little idea sheets hanging in the isles at the craft stores? 
I would see a few ideas I thought would be fun to make someday, but then didn't have anyplace to put them.  So I found, at Staples these little three ring binders.  Didn't even know that they came that small, but they do and I them.  They are the perfect size!
Again, I used my HD (short for Handy Dandy) Label Maker with these labels~
Printed out the labels and stuck them on the sheets. 
They're so easy to remove and keep in order!
Thanks for staying with me!  No more organizing for awhile, I promise! 
I'll Put the Party back in Partiologist!


  1. I love my label maker! It makes me so happy to use it! Ahh organization!!!!

  2. COME OVER! If you Lisa say the world needs labelmakers, well then I better go get one!!! xoxoxo

    1. I would love to come over and spend the day organizing you while you organized my blog! :)

  3. I totally cut out all of the recipes, crafts, fun ideas, table decor, etc. out of magazines and put them in binders with sheet protectors too!! I do mine by theme though. So I have a halloween one, a christmas one, spring, summer, etc. etc.

    love your blog!

  4. Monna (rhymes with Donna)August 8, 2012 at 5:13 AM

    great idea... I used to do that...but now... google search and possibly save to computer... lot less space!


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