The Partiologist: Aged to Perfection - Part IV

Aged to Perfection - Part IV

How to host a Italian themed dinner party.  Is this what you're wondering?  Take a look and see how it all came together.

Aged to Perfection

You will see I have alot of food and of course everything was made by little 'ole me. 

So to answer a question about how far in advance I prepare my food, this is what I do... a couple of weeks before the party I start making the desserts. 

(And try not to eat them before the party, did you know that frozen brownies are really good??) 

I have two upright freezers in the garage, one for desserts and the other for food food. 

I always wrap everything in saran wrap and then seal in zip lock baggies. 

I take everything out of the pan before freezing, (less clean up on the day of the party) plus I can take my time cutting.

The real food (not that the desserts aren't real) I make the week of the party and freeze. 

Then they either go from freezer to oven or defrost in the fridge depending on the recipe.  

Foods that can't be frozen, I make the day before the party. 

I set my party tables at least a week in advance. 

Okay, I know some of you actually eat at your table and can't do that...well, you won't believe this, I hardly ever cook!!

I took the glass shelf from a dresser in the guest bedroom and used it to display the Baked Brie En Croute with Apple Compote

A little closer.

I tried to make a little grape cluster on the top.

Now, on over to the buffet table.

Grilled Veggies and Shrimp Pinwheels.

The tray to the left is holding Red Pepper Pastry Pockets and Mediterranean Palmiers.

This is how I displayed the Shrimp Cocktail.

This shell bowl and candles are pieces I already had...really!

The shrimp is topped with capers, lemon zest and I placed fresh lemon slices on top. 

And of course my homemade spicy cocktail sauce!

On over to the glass table topper which is laying flat on the table.

Homemade Rosemary Flowerpot Bread.

Pan Seared Scallops with Lemon Sauce.

One of my favorites.

Pecan Coated Grapes.

I will be sharing  some  of the recipes I used in my "Aged to Perfection" Party and  some  are Top Secret! (Top Secret: Tiramisu; Fresh Fruit Compote; Grapes).

There were other foods served that I didn't take photos of - Tuscan Veggie Fritatta, Seafood Cheddar Spread, Almond stuffed olives, and some Princess Bars (made with dates). 

The Princess bars were a favorite of my mom's from a bakery that no longer makes them. 

So I tried my best to recreate them for her. 

They were not exactly the same, but I think she loved that I tried!

This was an "Amazing Party" for my "Amazing Mom"!

Happy Birthday Mom - I Love You!


  1. This was a GREAT party!
    It was yummy and beautiful!

  2. Where are all your "commenters"? Your blog should have hundreds of folks commenting on is just such a source of beauty, talent and recipes. I might not be able to replicate your decor but I can dream and pick up a recipe here and there. Please keep it going.

    Now for my request for a about the onion and sage quiche? Love that it gets baked right in the parchment liners.

  3. Thanks so much Micki! I was wondering the same thing, where are all my peeps?? Since you are the only one requesting a recipe, it looks like you win!! Congrats! :)
    I will e-mail you the recipe!

  4. mmmmmm I am intrigued by the grapes..... If we beg hard enough would you ever spare that recipe???

  5. Kim! Your table looks amazing! You make everything look so easy! You gave us some great hints on how to make planning a breeze or should I say "freeze". haha! Looking forward to the grape recipe!

  6. Oh no!! I just reread your entry and found out that the grape recipe is top secret! We'll just if I can change that!! Maybe???

  7. That was so helpful! Thanks for answering!
    I vote for the Rosemary Flowerpot Bread and/or the Tuscan Veggie Fritatta (that wasn't pictured) as both look/sound amazing! Heck...all sound amazing! I agree with Micki...where are all your commenters! Your blog is one of my favorite stops each day!

  8. All of this is making me hungry!! Everything looks great!!

  9. Wow! what a great party for your mom. You hardly ever cook yet the food looks amazing. We never use our dining room table either. Who needs a table when you don't have kids :) T.V. and couch :) Good tips that you can freeze just about everything so you can make a lot ahead.

  10. You did a great job in planning the party of your Mom. I got inlove with the presentations of the food especially the shrimps, I wonder how did you make the spicy sauce for the shrimp. Anyways,thanks for sharing this post, I hope you can make more of like this.birthday party planner near me


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