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80's Themed Cookies!

Like, okay, just when you thought I was done with the 80's Pac Man themed desserts, this pops up in your e-mail.  I mean really dude, you didn't think I would forget about making cookies did you? 

80's Themed Cookies!

Pac Man Oreo's!

If you haven't found the Pac Man game you want to make and eat, today could be your day.  It's the latest Pac Man themed treat for the 80's themed party.  You were waiting for these, weren't you?

Pac Man Themed Oreo's

Pac Man Rice Krispie Treats!

When treats are traveling to their party destination during the summer months, I always worry about them melting.  You know, the chocolate lollipop Pac Man?  Probably need a cooler for those.  I wanted to make something that could make the trip without worry of melting.  You know what it is, right?  Rice Krispie Treats.

Pac Man Rice Krispie Treats!

Pac Man Chocolate Lollipops!

Every year I'm excited to find out the theme for two special little girls birthday.  I've been making cookies and all other kinds of sweets for their parties for many years, and the tradition continues with this year's theme being the 80's.

Originally, I was going to make cookies saying "I 💗 80's", then I see photos from the 80's and my permed hair.  Ummm, no.  The next thing that came to mind was Pac Man.  And with the mold, Pac Man was recreated!

Pac Man Chocolate Lollipops

Fourth of July Sweets!

Today I'm sharing an explosion of sweets for the Fourth of July.  If you get started now, you'll have time to make more than one of these sweet treats.  

Fourth of July Sweets!

Easy Sparkle Stars!

Today is what I like to call a Happy Mistake.  You know when things don't go as planned and then you figure out a new plan that is better?  My original plan was to make edible lace, only this time when I went to buy the mix, it had been replaced with a new type of lace product.  When it didn't work the way I intended, I immediately thought of how I could get it to work in a completely new way.

Sparkle Star Cookies!

Barbecue Cookies!

When I got an order for these cookies, I was beyond excited.  They are for a couples baby shower, which happens to be a barbecue.  And listen to this... it's called a BaBy Q!  I have to say I think it's the cutest theme for a baby shower ever.  EVER.

Ba-By Q Cookies!

S'more Pretzels!

Before moving on to the next party, I thought I would throw in an easy summer treat.  Nothing says summer more than a S'mores, right?  I don't know about you, but I like to eat my S'mores neat and tidy.  Which is the reason I've never eaten a real S'more.  Like the ones by the fire.  I've made many versions where I don't get marshmallow and chocolate all over my mouth, but I may be missing the point.  

S'more Pretzels

Bridal Party Take Home Favors!

I really hadn't planned on making more take home favors until I found the perfect bags.  I mean they said Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, so of course I had to buy them.  AND they were gold and white, the Bride Tribe colors!  After I bought them, I realized I needed to fill them.

Bridal Party Take Home Favors!

Bohemian Themed Dining Table!

On rare occasion, I have enough room at the table for each guest to be seated.  This was one of those times.  Now that you've seen the Desserts placed under the Teepee, I'm excited to show you the table decorated for the Bride Tribe.

Bohemian Themed Dining Table!

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