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Yard Line Rice Krispie Treats!

I sure make a lot of Rice Krispie Treats, don't I?  This idea can be used on cookies, brownies or any other bar you like.  For some odd reason RKT are the first to come to mind.  Maybe because I can have them made before you can say snap, crackle, pop. 
Yard Line Rice Krispie Treats

Eyeball Cupcakes!

I really didn't plan to make anything too creepy this Halloween.  But I went shopping.  Shopping always leads to a purchase I didn't plan.  Trust me when I say, I didn't have bloody eye gumballs on my shopping list.  And I can't help it if I didn't stick to the plan.

Anyway, I found creepy eye gumballs, making the perfect topper for the cupcakes.
Eyeball Cupcakes!

Game Day Pennants!

Have you heard of the fifth season?  You know, Football season?  Yes, it's time to get ready and cheer for your favorite team, no matter when or where.  Wilton has everything to make your team a success, or at least your party.
Game Day Pennants

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Giveaway!

Have you heard the news?  There are new cookie cutters in town and I couldn't sleep until I had my hands on them.  Once I actually had them, I couldn't sleep because I was dreaming up cookies to make with them. 

Sweet Sugarbelle has created the sweetest cookie cutter line ever.  They are more than cutters, they are multipurpose cutters!  Each cutter has use for more than one design and not only do they show how to decorate, her cutters also include templates to follow.  To find more information on the cutters, checkout her blog HERE.

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookies!

Fun Food Blogger Retreat!

You know when you're so excited for something and then it happens and it's over way too soon?  Well, that just about sums up the Fun Food Blogger Retreat I attended a few weeks ago.  You see, for weeks and weeks I was looking forward to the retreat hosted by Beth of Hungry Happenings, and sponsored by Wilton and Farm Rich
Now it's over, but definitely not forgotten! 
Fun Food Bloggers!

Game On with Wilton!

Whenever it's time to get together and watch football with family and friends, I'm in charge of dessert.  No one ever asks me to bring anything involving protein.

I was so excited to use the Wilton candy melts in my favorite teams colors and the Wilton mini cake pans were the perfect size to make my brownies!  This is how I want to kick off my football season, how about you?
Game On Brownie Pizza

Halloween Cookies!

It's official. Fall. September. Halloween.  All at the same time, or at least everywhere I turn I see Fall and Halloween stuff.  And so Halloween purchases. You see I'm trying to just say no when it comes to buying more stuff.  Sometimes it's hard and I don't know if I'll get through the season without buying something new.  Unless, someone casts a spell on me.  I think my husband might have those powers.  We'll see.
Anyway, because I've made so many Halloween cookies, I decided to share them with you.  And by sharing, I mean share the photos, you don't actually get to eat them. Sorry.
Halloween Cookies!

Mini S'more Pie!

I made it mini, but you can make it any size you want.  Individual desserts are always a win win in my book because I love being able to set them out for people to serve themselves.  Plus, when cut into for a photo, I only have a small amount to eat versus an entire pie.  Because you know what happens when I'm left alone with sweets.  Anyway, I needed to get this made so you can enjoy it over the weekend too!

Mini S'more Pie

Cookie Decorating Tips & Tricks!

It's been awhile since I've done a guest post for Beth of Hungry Happenings, so I was excited to share a few of my cookie decorating tips and tricks with her readers.  While searching for a few tips and tricks to share from my blog, I almost overstayed my welcome.  It wasn't easy, however I was able to narrow it down to these six.

Edible Emoji's!

Emoji's, don't you love 'em? There is pretty much an Emoji for every emotion.  So when I made the mini Emoji cakes, I have to say I felt every one of those emotions in the past week.  Okay, let's make it in the past day. 

I was wearing shades when I made the cakes, they're so cool.  Insert wink Emoji.

Mini Emoji Cakes

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