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Jumbo Daisy Cupcakes and Chocolate Marshmallow Daisies!

I realize I have a lot of daisy treats for the birthday party, just keep in mind daisies can be used for any occasion.  So I'll keep picking more of my favorites from the party.  Like the chocolate cupcakes topped with jumbo daisies and the chocolate covered marshmallow caramel daisies.

Jumbo Daisy Cupcakes!

White Chocolate Sunflower Seed Daisy!

I was thinking how perfect this would have been made into a Chocolate Sunflower with Sunflower Seeds.  However, I wasn't having Sunflower themed party so I stuck with the Daisy.  Still, cute as can be and easy to make.

Sunflower Seed Daisy!

Daisy Rice Krispie Treats!

Today it's more than just a Rice Krispie Treat.  Really, on my blog it's always more than a Rice Krispie Treat isn't it?  This time it's a Daisy Rice Krispie Treat you can eat petal by petal.  When I found this pan, I really wanted the imprint of the daisy petals and center to stand out.  I knew I could bake a cake like it's intended use, but I knew I wanted more.  And I know you want more too.

Daisy Rice Krispie Treats

Sweet Sixteen Cookies!

If it were my birthday, I would be celebrating with chocolate.  So I guess you could say I celebrate my birthday every day.  Today, however, I'm still celebrating the daisy themed 16th birthday.  And what better way to celebrate than with chocolate and cookies?  None really.  They were quite simple to make as you'll see in the video.

Sweet Sixteen Cookies!

Sweet Sixteen Cookies

Daisy Cream Cheese Mints!

Cream cheese mints aren't just for weddings anymore.  Wait, what?  They haven't been used for weddings in years?  No more church basement receptions with cake, mixed nuts and mints?  Listen people, you don't know what you're missing.  I had daisy mints for my wedding and I made every last one.  Complete with yellow centers.  This time around I decided to make them a little more modern.  And easier.

Daisy Cream Cheese Mints

Birthday Truffles!

Do you know what makes a truffle a Birthday Truffle?  Candles of course.  Do you remember the Sunflower Island I created years ago?  Well, this is the same concept, only with daisies.  I mean, everyone needs to blow out a candle at a party, right?

Birthday Truffles

Daisy Oreo's!

Are you ready for another Oreo treat?  I told you how I love daisies, right?  While planning the Daisy themed Sweet Sixteen, I started digging through my molds, pans and cutters to see what I had daisy shaped.  Let me tell you, I love daisies more than I ever knew or remembered and I hope you love them too.  This is the first of my hand picked daisy treats!

Daisy Oreo's

Everything's Coming Up Daisies!

I don't know about you, but I love daisies.  So much that I decided to theme a Sweet Sixteen Birthday party around them along with crisp, clean black and white stripes and dots.  It was the perfect combination of Sweet and Sixteen, right?  I started with an invitation I purchased, added ribbon and the daisy which was included.

Sweet 16 Birthday Invitation

Garden Marker Cookies!

Most of you know I'm not one to be outside digging around in the dirt planting a garden.  Don't get me wrong, I love fresh vegetables, in fact I grew up on a farm getting to enjoy the labors of my mom and dad's hard work.  However, I didn't carry on their legacy...
I went to the grocery store. 

I do remember the markers used in the garden and wanted to recreate them in cookie form.  This way I will dig around in the dirt, or you might say Oreo crumbs.

Garden Marker Cookies!

Summer Rice Krispie Treats

I love spring, even if we're still getting cold weather, it's just knowing Summer is around the corner.  No more coats and no more scooping the walk.  Okay, when have I ever scooped the walk?   Anyway, when I found this pan, the first thing I tried, was making shortbread cookies.  Did you notice I'm not posting about shortbread cookies?  Nope, those didn't exactly work out.  But the Rice Krispie Treats did.  You know whenever I mess something up, I make Rice Krispie Treats.  Because I'm a pro at that.  And because it's almost Summer...almost.

Summer Rice Krispie Treats!

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