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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bunny Topped Rice Krispie Treats!

Today it's all about the bunny, the Easter Bunny to be exact. And it involves chocolate, colored chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, well, you get the idea right?

When I received a note from Hani asking if I would like to participate in an upcoming Easter project, I was ready to hop to it!  This was the challenge...Hani of Haniela's, Beth of Hungry Happenings and I were to all use the same Wilton Mini Silicone Bunny Cake Mold to create something for Easter.  Here are our findings... One Pan Three Treats!

Colored Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pretty Pretty Petit Fours!

Have I ever told you that my favorite season is Spring?  Spring leads to summer and summer is warm and I love the warm weather.  Spring also leads to the store shelves being stocked with pastel.  And pastel leads to...

Pretty Pretty Petit Fours

Saturday, March 21, 2015

DIY Granola!

Brace yourself, today's post doesn't involve chocolate or cookies.  In the midst of all the Easter creations floating around in my head, I went out on a limb and decided to make homemade granola.  Because I do think granola has a place at your Easter Brunch.  You are having Easter Brunch, right? 
Homemade Granola

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Food Blog Forum!

I recently returned from the most Magical Blog Conference ever.  Why was it so magical you ask?  Well, maybe you didn't ask, but I'd like to tell you all about it.  First of all, it was held at Walt Disney World and for that I would have gone to any conference.  Only, after attending the conference and learning so much, I'm now hooked on the Food Blog Forum and want to go any where they go.  It was that good or should I say Magical?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cookies and More Cookies!

 It's a busy and glamorous life being The Partiologist.  Well, maybe not always glamorous (although I do put makeup on at least once a week) the rest of the time I hide when the doorbell rings. 
Here's why, you may already know I also make cookies and lately cookies have been taking up much of my time, so I thought I would share what I'm up to behind the blog.  Most of the cookies are the designs from orders of three to six dozen, that's a lot of cookies people.

 I love working with royal icing and I'm trying to convince my family and customers to enjoy a crunchy cookie.  Sometimes they let me go with royal and a lot of the time I get a firm, no royal, I want buttercream.  Since I aim to please, here's a set of cookies for a 30th birthday, all in buttercream.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Easter Animal Crackers!

I have been told, there may be a few people in this world who do not like chocolate, I'm certainly not one of them!  Today I've hopped over to Hungry Happenings, sharing something for those who don't like chocolate.  Years ago I made homemade animal crackers for my Circus Party and with all the treats offered, they were one of the favorites.  I thought they would be great as little Easter cookies as well.  So here they are!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

St. Patrick's Round Up!

Top of the morning to ya!  Just in case you missed some of my past projects for St. Patrick's day, I thought I'd do a round up.  Clink on the link below the photo (Free Printable Included) and you'll be seeing green in minutes!  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Shamrock Pudding Shots!

I'm not Irish, but these pudding shots make me wish I were.  Today I'm over at Hungry Happenings trying to make my way into your little green heart with Shamrock Pudding Shots.  I've said it before, I really don't like to drink my them?  YES. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jell-O Roll Ups!

No, I'm not Irish, but my mom may have thought I was.  This is something I don't share with please keep it a secret.  Shhhhh, I'm saying this in my quiet voice...My first name is Maureen.  Yes, Maureen.  But no one could call that adorable little bundle of joy (me) Maureen and everyone went with Kim (my middle name) from day one.  I like the name Maureen, but I didn't feel I was smart sophistacated enough.  I think my mom must have known that I would grow up to be The Partiologist, so she called me Kim.  Now, here's the part where I think my sisters and I may have looked like little leprechauns when we were born.  I have two sisters, one named Colleen and the other Shannon.  We are all German blond hair/blue eyed beauties (wink) with Irish names.   

I love my MOM and my middle name.

It's been awhile since I featured these Jell-O Roll Ups and being one of my most popular posts, I thought it was time to bring it back.  Instead of blue and red, this time it's green for St. Pat's Day.
Jell-O Roll Ups 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feeling the Green with Shamrock Topped Brownies!

So many ways to serve a brownie...This past weekend my husband and I went out for dinner, I sat and watched as the couple next to our table shared this delicious looking brownie topped with ice cream.  I don't know how it works for them, but when we share dessert, it means he gets a couple of bites and I get the rest.  That's just the way it is.  Only this time, it isn't.  Because this time, there are plenty of brownies and shamrocks and ice cream to let him have his own.

Grab your favorite leprechaun and head to Hungry Happenings to find out how!
Shamrock Topped Brownies and Ice Cream

Shamrock Topped Brownies
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