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4th of July Party!

Today things are a little different. In a good way. Hopefully you're all receiving this blog post through my new subscriber service, It's still me, The Partiologist, only coming to you in a new and improved way. Speaking of me, don't you think it's time to party?

Fourth of July Party!

Paris Themed Party!

When I told you I used every inch of space, I wasn't exaggerating. And it's a good thing I didn't find more space to fill or these posts could go on until Fall. I thought it might be fun to show you what the guest we're treated to when they arrived.

Gramma Gigi's Patisserie!

Paris Themed Cookies!

It's not a party until you see the cookies.  And ooh la la, I have fallen in love.  Maybe you can select a favorite?  I find something to love on each one!  It's Amour!

Paris Themed Cookies!

Parisian Desserts!

Let me say I tried.  Tried to do it all, make the food, take the photos, and by the time I finished with each dessert, I barely had energy to take photos, let alone make a tutorial.  So as you noticed, there are no tutorials, but a lot of eye candy.  I do think you'll love the way I turned my counter into a patisserie full of desserts.

Gramma Gigi's Patisserie!

Paris Themed Cake Pops and Oreos!

You'll be seeing more Paris themed desserts then you would ever imagine.  I have never traveled to Paris and I'm pretty sure you won't find these desserts there, but I incorporated everything I know about Paris into my desserts.  Like the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Themed Desserts!

Paris Themed Cake and Cupcakes!

While the rest of the world was out traveling and seeing the sights of Paris in 2019, I was in my kitchen listening to the sounds of Paris.  Remember my CD?  It kept me going day after day. Who knew I could make an Eiffel tower in so many ways.  
Leading to the cake and cupcakes.

Eiffel Tower Cookie Cake!

Paris Themed Rice Krispie Treats - Two Ways!

Bonjour sweet peeps!  Thanks for joining me for more Parisian themed goodies.  Today I'll be featuring one of my favorite desserts.  Chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats and they are French themed.  The poodle on the front makes them French.

Poodle Rice Krispie Treats!

Paris Themed Dessert Table!

Ooh la la you're in for a treat.  So many wonderful ideas I have to share, I hope you might be planning a party?  Paris is always a good idea.

Paris Themed Party Table!

Paris Themed Invitations - Bonjour Bebe!

Where has the time gone? All I can say is I've loved every minute from the time I found out I would be Gramma Gigi and I'm lovin' it even more now that I can hold my sweet little love in my arms.  Before we welcomed her into the world, I hosted a grandeur baby shower for the mommy to be.

Bonjour Bebe!

Easter Dinner!

Spending time with my family was the best way I could have celebrated Easter in 2019. And in 2020.  And I'm looking forward to 2021! I'm even saying that when it included cooking.  Not just baking, but real food.

Easter 2019

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