The Partiologist: Peppermint Party!

Peppermint Party!

I guess you probably know what this post is going to be about.  Peppermint.   In many ways...old ways, new ways, blinking and twisted ways. If you have a love for that striped little candy, this is for you.  And if you really don't care for peppermint, this post is for you too.
Welcome to the Peppermint Party where a Peppermint Palace greeted the guests!

Peppermint Palace

I ordered a white cardboard castle online and spray painted it silver.  Then I continued to decorate it with red poster board, wrapping paper, white paint and faux snow.

Behind the castle, I hung dripping icicle lights to resemble snow falling behind the castle.  I covered the cord with a white plastic door banner and topped it with white Christmas garland.  It finally came together they way I intended.

Right beside the Peppermint Palace was the Peppermint Christmas Tree~

As soon as the guests arrived, they were greeted with peppermints on the entry floor.

Now, lets wonder on over to the kitchen.
I love peppermint, only I didn't know if everyone shares my love for that little twisted minty candy and I wanted to have something for everyone.  Which leads me to this...
Candy Cane Lane
Even though it looks like everything could taste like peppermint, it's not.  In fact, nothing is peppermint flavored on this counter.  It's just decorated like peppermint.

Starting with the apples.

Originally, I had planned to dip the apples in caramel, chocolate then peppermint candy.  But my love for a nutty apple took control.  Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
So I did what any nut lover would do, dipped the apple in caramel, chocolate added nuts and a drizzle of red chocolate along with a few magical white sprinkles.

The white sprinkles are always magical at Christmas.

Then in the middle I added twisted caramel chocolate covered pretzels.

I told you it was twisted.

Along with the green, white and red sprinkles, which makes it triple magical. 

Oh, and did I mention I wrapped popcorn balls to look like peppermint candy?

Yep, it looks like peppermint, only it tastes like a popcorn ball!  That's because it IS a popcorn ball.

And front and center were the cookies.

Peppermint Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

My favorite cookies of all. 

When I attended a Cookie Convention a couple of years ago, two uber talented cookie decorators, know as SugarBliss showcased their mistletoe and lip cookies and it was love at first bite.

This year I decided to recreate the cookies and add the peppermint candy cookies so I could call them ~ "Peppermint Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses".

Now, if you're not already entertained, I thought I would give a couple quick tutorials.

To give the pretzels a caramel twist, I made homemade caramel, let it set.
Cut into strips and wrap a strip around a pretzel rod.
Dip the entire caramel wrapped pretzel into chocolate and sprinkle with SPRINKLES!

Not knowing what peppermint inside popcorn would taste like, I decided to make regular popcorn balls and add mini M&M's.

Form into balls and wrap each in saran wrap, then in striped parchment paper.

Tie the ends with ribbon and you've got yourself a peppermint popcorn ball.

I added battery operated blinking lights to the back of the sign, which directed the guests to Candy Cane Lane!

And because these are my favorite cookies, here they are again~
Christmas keeps me on my Mistletoes!


  1. Everything looks amazing. I love the twisted caramel pretzels and the cookies are spectacular as always. The castle is incredible. It turned out great. Every detail is perfectly executed. I'm sure your guests had a ball.

    1. We all had a ball, and you know the trouble I had with my lights! LOL

  2. I didn't know there was a palace! This looks like the best peppermint party ever. We need to make a peppermint party song just for you! It is perfect!

    1. Thanks Lisa, it was the best peppermint party I've ever been too. Well, it's the only peppermint party I've been too! LOL

  3. I love your peppermint tree and palace!! and your cookies look cute and delicious as usual.

  4. oh gosh. if i could wake up one day in your kitchen surrounded by all that you do, then life would be perfect. not to mention i LOVE peppermint...

    1. If you would ever wake up in MY kitchen, then life would be perfect! LOL

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reliving this!!!

  6. Seeing all this peppermint fun makes me smile and happy. How could it not. Everything looks perfect. I LOVE the peppermint wishes and mistletoe kisses cookies. My favorite too!!! from, twobeautifulgirls

  7. You are amazing! Your details are always so perfect! I really want to meet you and watch you put together a party!!!! Perfect every time!

    1. You are too sweet. You would probably have to hang around with me for months, because that's usually how long I work on a party! :)

  8. Loved everything...wish I were at the party...maybe you could host one for a few thousand people next year! Let me know IF you decide to do that!



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