The Partiologist: A Very Merry Christmas Party!

A Very Merry Christmas Party!

I didn't think I would be having a Disney Party quite so soon.  But what do you do when your sister is taking her son and his family to Disney World for the Very Merry Christmas Party?  And I happen to live right on their way to the airport?
Have a Very Merry Christmas dinner of course!  Even though it's going to be a quick stop for a bite to eat, I wanted it to be special.  Disney special, starting with the DIY Invitation.
Disney Invitation
This was quite simple to make...I only needed to make two invitations.  One for my sister and one for her son's family.  Maybe that was why it was so simple!
Grab your mouse ears and I'll show you how.
Start by printing your invitation on cardstock.  (Two on one piece of cardstock)

I used clipart and a Disney font.

Cut the cardstock in half, making sure they will fit inside the cardboard tube.
Grab as many cardboard tubes as you need invitations.
Roll up the invitation and tie with ribbon.
Insert into the tube.
Punch green mickey mouse shapes from cardstock.
Peppermint red and white wrapping paper was just what I needed.
It ended up being kind of stiff, so I even think stripe tissue paper would work better.
You'll also need cellophane and artificial snow.
Roll out a piece of cellophane and wrapping paper to fit the tube, leaving enough on the ends to tie.
Add the green mickey mouse cut outs.
Sprinkle artificial snow on the top.
Roll around the tube and seal with clear tape.
Tie the ends with green ribbon.

PLUS -  This invitation would also work for a Christmas themed invitation, by changing the green mouse ears for Christmas ornaments!
It's almost time for the Very Merry Christmas Dinner...
I'll see you real soon!

For a complete and I do mean COMPLETE Disney Themed Party I hosted for my sister's 60th birthday, check this out!


  1. Your sister and her family are so lucky to be getting such a wonderful send off. I hope they have a wonderful trip.

    1. Thanks Beth, I'm so excited for them to stop by tonight!

  2. Oh my goodness what an adorable invitation!!! Only from you the Partiologist!! You're sister and family are the luckiest people in the world to have you!! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thank you! Tonight I will be sure to remind them how lucky they are! LOL


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