The Partiologist: Kiss Cookies XO XO

Kiss Cookies XO XO

I've been making lots of cookies, including cookies for Valentine's Day.  Because I can't count very well, I baked more cookies than I needed for my last order.  I was relieved, because I had cut a few giant Hershey Kiss shaped cookies and when it came time to decorate, I really wasn't feelin' it.  So I set them aside, hoping something would come to me before I was finished decorating for the day.  Nope, just blank cookies waiting for an artist to bring them to life and this artist was tired and hungry, so off to the freezer they went.
A few days later, I woke up knowing what I wanted to do with the cookies!  When you think of Hershey Kiss Cookies, you definitely think of the plump little chocolate kiss stuck in the middle of a peanut butter cookie, right?  Today, it's a first for me, making kiss cookies without any chocolate.  How can that be?  Well, like this...
Kiss Cookie
Aren't they the perfect Kiss for someone who wants a cookie instead of chocolate?
All shiny just like a Hershey Kiss!
And all buttercream.

I recommend ALWAYS covering your kisses in buttercream.

So cute with the little tag. 
Here's that first kiss waiting to be covered.
Using grey buttercream frosting and an off set spatula, cover the kiss cookie.
Make it rough, so it looks like the foil wrapper.
Clean the edges with the spatula.
Let the cookie set overnight to crust.
Now comes time to paint with the magic dust. 
It's really Rolkem Silver dust, but it works like magic!
Mix a little dust with vodka and begin painting the cookie.
Completely cover the grey frosting with the silver paint.
Sit back and admire the shine.
Every kiss needs a tag, I made an XO XO.
Printable HERE
Place the cookie in a bag, tie with silver ribbon and punch a little hole in the tag and tie a ribbon.
It has been a while since my last post and don't want you to think I've been laying around eating bon bon's, (okay, maybe I ate a few, I'm just not sure what is considered a bon bon).

Here's a little glimpse into my life of cookies. 
Starting with the set, using royal icing, stencils, fondant and edible gold dust~
Why not have a bright set of Valentine cookies?
Including, red, white and pink.
More buttercream...
Just a few more...
And then it was on to royal icing.
All the cookies in this collection went to a Matilda Jane party.

FYI  Matilda Jane is a clothing line so cute, you'll want to buy every piece for your little ones.
I tried to make a few cookies to compliment the clothing line.
Such fun to create the bright springy cookies in the middle of a snow storm!
Several other cookies went out the door without taking photos, I hate it when that happens!
I'm happy I miss counted or I would not have made the Kiss Cookies...I guess you could say it was a "happy mistake"!
Sending you Chocolate Hugs and Buttercream Kisses!


  1. You really are a cookie artist!! Love them all including the shiny kiss cookie! Cindi

  2. So glad you slept on it for a few days. What a fun idea! All of your cookie designs are so amazing. I just love how much variety you give to your customers.

    1. Now you know why I haven't done anything else done lately!!

  3. oh gosh. every single one of those people who you made these cookies for should give you a giant kiss! ummm....only if you want them too ;)

    1. Thank you Lisa, since kisses come in chocolate I'll take it!! :)


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