The Partiologist: Get That Boom Boom Pow!

Get That Boom Boom Pow!

I can't wait to show you the cookie platter I created for the Fourth of July.  I was all like, oh I just love it and it totally looks like a firecracker.  Then my hubby came home and burst my firecracker bubble. I won't even tell you what he thought it was.  Quickly I sent the photo to a few family members, hoping they would reassure me they looked like firecracker cookies.  They got it right.  So on with the post.
Firecracker Cookie Platter!

I've got that Boom Boom Pow! 
Wouldn't this be a BLAST to serve at your Fourth of July gathering?
They'll be the safest firecrackers at the party.
And they're legal.
So, let's get these firecrackers popping.
I actually have a cutter that cuts three rectangles at a time.
Each rectangle is 1" x 4".

A  knife or pizza cutter could work just as well.
Cut and bake 24 rectangles, depending on how long you want your firecracker to be.

As soon as they come out of the oven, insert a small dowel rod in the end of the cookie.

This will be the hole to place the licorice wick.
Next, you will need black licorice wheels.
Unwind a wheel and spread out on a paper towel.
Place the cookies next to the licorice, deciding how many you want to use for your firecracker.
Next, it's time to decorate, so mix up red royal icing.
Continue adding enough red food color until you get your desired shade of red.
Remember, the color will darken over time.

Fill a tipless piping bag.
Begin decorating the cookie, making an outline.
Go back and flood the inside of the cookie with the icing.
Continue until all the sticks are decorated.
Set aside to dry.

Once the cookies are dry, airbrush the edges with black airbrush color.
Take the black licorice wheels and unwind.
Pull the licorice apart and cut tiny pieces.
Dip the end of the licorice into black candy melts and insert into the hole in the cookie.
Now you're ready to assemble.
Place one cookie, starting at the bottom of the licorice, adding cookie after cookie opposite one another until they are almost to the top.
You're almost there, I can see a spark.
Leave enough licorice coming out the top to add the blast.
And by blast I mean the star.
Bake and decorate a star shaped cookie with yellow royal icing.
Before the icing is dry, sprinkle with yellow sanding sugar.
Now you've got that Boom Boom Pow!

Go Fourth and Celebrate!


  1. Wow, that set of cookies is incredible. And, I knew what it was at first site. It's so cool.

  2. Super adorable and such a fun idea!!

  3. man these are BOOM-tee-ful POWerful cookies!!! so clever Kim :)!

  4. That is sooo cool and very creative! LOVE IT and I knew exactly what it was! You did it again Partiologist!!! from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thank you so much, happy to know you knew exactly what it was! :)

  5. Your firecracker cookie platter really POPS! They are awesome, Kim!

  6. I really wish I would have seen these before the 4th! This is the best firecracker idea EVER!! I love the way your brain works my friend!


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