The Partiologist: Sugar Cookies!

Sugar Cookies!

Cookies, cookies, everywhere!  You might want to take a look at what I've been doing in between blog posts.  It's summer, so you would think I'd be taking a little time off, which I did, but not for long.  A day without baking is like a day without sunshine, so I'd like to think these cookies will bring you a little sunshine!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  The cookie show.
Sesame Street Cookies

When I started with the order, I wasn't sure how to incorporate the letter E and the number 2 into Sesame Street Cookies.
I sketched out a few designs, started piping with buttercream and loved how they turned out!
Then came the race cars...
What little boy doesn't want a race car cookie?
And the packaging took them right to the finish line.
I had to go out and grab checkered ribbon to coordinate with the checkered flag cookies!
By the time I finished with the flags, another order came in for the Hollywood Themed Cookies.
Gracyn and Landry were walking the red carpet at their birthday party.
Buttercream cross cookies for a little boy's baptism.
And each was tied with a special tag.
God Bless Ezra.
This next set took me longer to mix the burgundy color than the actual time making the cookies.
Burgundy and gold was the request.
By the time I had them made, I needed a drink.
And a sweet way to ask your bridal party to be part of your wedding.
I think they all said yes.
It won't be long until the county fair comes to town, including the little pink pigs.
And yes, all pink pigs have bows on their tails because they're going to the fair.
Wait, I think they're IN the fair!

I've always wanted to have a Bee themed party.

Just Bee cause.

So far, cookies are the next best thing.

Bumble Bee Cookies.

Ready to fly right on over to their hive...

Bee Hive Cookies.

And to complete the party, polka dot flower cookies. (Design by Dolce Cookies)

The cookie show is over...for now.


  1. Your customers are so fortunate to have you in their area. Your cookies are so AMAZING!

    1. Thank you Beth, I am fortunate to have so many awesome customers!! :)

  2. Loved all of them . Great Work !!

  3. Your cookies are so beautiful and I can't believe how spot-on you got the colors on the wineglasses! Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I was so worried I would run out of burgundy before I finished the wine glasses because there is no way I would ever be able to match it!! :)

  4. Love Love Love! Such awesome cookies! Christine S.

  5. well it looks like i'm hiding the remote and keeping it on this channel to watch the incredible cookie show, so my hubby's outta luck!:>O

    1. Ha! Happy you got the remote all to yourself, I sure didn't want you to miss the sugar show! :)

  6. The Sesame Street ones are my favorite! Kathy

  7. This is so cute...I do not have a wine glass cookie cutter and need the cookies ASAP. Do you have any suggestions for how I could make the cookies. Also, could I use store-bought sugar cookie dough? Thank you, in advance.

    1. If you don't have a wine glass cookie cutter, you could try and make your own or hand cut. I have a tutorial on how I made my own cookie cutter here:
      Or you could hand cut each one. Also, I would not recommend using store bought sugar cookie dough, it doesn't usually work the best for cut out sugar cookies.


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