The Partiologist: White Chocolate Sunflower Seed Daisy!

White Chocolate Sunflower Seed Daisy!

I was thinking how perfect this would have been made into a Chocolate Sunflower with Sunflower Seeds.  However, I wasn't having Sunflower themed party so I stuck with the Daisy.  Still, cute as can be and easy to make.

Sunflower Seed Daisy!

It's white chocolate, covered in sunflower seeds.

And it was a prize.

Want to see?

Need I say more?

Another mold I've had waiting to be used.

Here's a quick step by step.

And making it into a chocolate Daisy or Sunflower was easy peasy.

Fill the center with yellow candy melts, set until completely solid.

Pour white candy melts, filling in the entire daisy.

Before the white chocolate sets, sprinkle with sunflower seeds.

Refrigerate until firm.

Remove chocolate from mold..

Excess sunflower seeds will fall off.

And to finish it off, I wrapped and tied it with a black and white Ribbon.

Flower Power!


  1. You always make your finished treats look so beautiful. Just by adding the perfect bow you made this chocolate daisy the perfect prize.

    1. Thank you Beth, it's all about the packaging, right? :)


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