The Partiologist: A Golden Christmas!

A Golden Christmas!

WOW! It's been so long since I've posted, I decided I better have something good. 

Like golden good. And that is just what I have. I'm sharing the golden themed Christmas party I hosted for my family last year.

A Golden Christmas! 

Seriously, when I started it wasn't my favorite. Maybe because I pulled out an old but never used sheer table cloth with golden leaves. It looked like an old lady table cloth. Now granted I am old, but never want to be an old lady. So off with the table cloth. 

I felt younger in an instant.

I knew it wasn't right, so I packed it away thinking it wasn't a waste because I could give it to my mom. Right? Mom takes all the stuff I don't want anymore.

And with a few trips to Hobby Lobby, my storage and shopping online, I found everything I needed.

I just loved the final result and even found golden flatware for the table.

Fun right down to the napkin.

I wrapped the sheer gold napkin around a white cloth napkin and tied with a golden jingle bell.

Each salad plate was topped with a gold star for decoration.

And the center table runner was full of gold polka dots and long legged deer.

Simple and elegant. Well, maybe not so simple.

The only thing that made this dinner a little lot of extra work was the gold. (Besides the fact I actually had to cook) It stated on the back of the gold trimmed plates "not dishwasher safe". So guess what this little elf was up to for hours? Yep, washing everything you see trimmed in gold by hand.

Note to self...use dishwasher safe dishes next time. But I can guarantee if I find something I love, I will sacrifice my hands and time for a fun table.

I had an extra large gold bow which I hung on the window for a little extra sparkle. But the table was by far my favorite.

Each beverage glass held a golden accent stir stick.

I really started with my favorite decor of the party, but stay tuned, I will show you all the gold that filled my center island next.

Baby it's Gold Inside!


  1. So elegant. I want to see that old lady table cloth. LOL!

  2. It may be cold outside, but it sure does look warm, cozy, and beautiful inside! And all the time you spent handwashing...a labor of love for sure! Merry Christmas Kim, to you and your family! 🙂


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