The Partiologist: Fall Decor - Dollar Tree!

Fall Decor - Dollar Tree!

I'm baaaaaaaaack! I've decided either absence has made the heart grow fonder or maybe it was out of sight, out of mind!!! Well I'm home and have more photos from the fall coffee that I better show you before I get started on what I have in store for the rest of October!!
I'm always looking for ways to make things out of nothing, so that's what I did with my maple tree.

Dollar Tree... Tree

I called our landscaper and asked if they had any dead tree branches that I could have. And YES, he said their was a huge pile and I could "knock myself out" going through it! I found these two perfect branches (other then the crocked ends that I had to saw off with my bread knife) I put them in a pot that I already had and filled the pot with rocks to stablize it.  If any of my family is reading this, I am putting a saw on my Christmas list!!
I bought this little package of leaves for a dollar and glued them to the tree branches~
And what better way to display the Maple Leaf Cookies I made as party favors~
Then I sprinkled more leaves around the bottom~
Ooops, I guess now it's my two dollar tree - had to use another pack of leaves!  And this little scarecrow was something I had, so I tucked him into the side.
And there you have it - my Dollar Tree!  Someday soon, this little tree may just have to be something else....I've already got a plan!!!

It's time to plant a Dollar Tree don't you think?


  1. Welcome back! I never would have imagined that cute tree costs $2! Very creative!

  2. I'm so glad at least one person missed me!! :)

  3. I missed you! Hope you had fun at "camp"! HA! Your tree is perfect just like all your other projects!


  4. I miss you already!!! And now I can hear you talking as I read! I love it!

  5. Love your little tree. I'm honored to have met "The Partiologist" in person!! I told you I follow your blog :0)


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