The Partiologist: Buffet and Beverages!

Buffet and Beverages!

Ahhh, the lazy days of summer, where are you?  Lately, my days have been anything but lazy, it was so nice to lounge around the "Pool" and soak up the sun.  All that relaxing made me hungry, I'm now ready to take a trip to the buffet.

While having so much fun diving in my stash of pool toys, I found little swim rings to use at the buffet.  Adding a blue tinsel table skirt to the wall, with beach ball lanterns lighting the way, I created my buffet.

Pool Party Buffet

I have to say, I was thrilled to see how it all came into place.

I had it all set up days before the party was to begin.  I usually have my parties set up at least a week before the actual day of the party.  Once I designed and printed the menu, I HAD to make the salads.  Which for me is a labor of love.  Because really, how cute can a salad be?

Wet 'n Wild Wheat Berry Salad
Take a Dip Taco Salad
Make a Splash Macaroni Salad
Fun in the Sun Oriental Chicken Salad

Okay, they were cute and delicious!

After the swim rings were inflated, I added the plastic bowls to hold the salad and beach ball napkins were at the beginning of the buffet.

I found a pack of swim ring stickers and knew I could put them to good use.

Not only did they provide a little color to the packages, they were perfect fit for my M & M cookies.

See all those little stickers - I didn't have time to use them all, but you can be sure I'll use them sometime soon!

I did find a reason to use the flip flop stickers...

 I stuck the tiny flip flops to the sides of the glasses before filling with my coconut concoction.
And my dive rings were the perfect fit to hold the pool noodles (licorice).

No pool party would be complete without beach ball cookies, right?

Packaged up and ready to go.

Surrounding the cozy full of Peanut M & M's.

The Brownie Truffles were simply coated in chopped walnuts.

These cookies really made a Splash!

Oreo's seem to always make an appearance at my parties.  This time by filling a beach ball mold with white chocolate and then painting it with food coloring for candy.  After it was painted, I stuck in on the top of an OREO with a dab of white chocolate.

Just Keep Swimming!


  1. Wow!! All your attention to detail is amazing!! I love it all!!!!

    1. Thank you Beth, I really was happy with the way the buffet turned out!

  2. well now that beats repeating...Wow!! All your attention to detail is amazing!! I love it all!!!!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I guess "attention to detail" is in my blood! :)

  3. This is so much fun!!! I dream of chilling out and relaxing at your party.

  4. SO cute! Everything is perfect for a pool-themed party. Def going to consult your blog the next time I have a party. ;)

    1. I would love for you to find inspiration for your next party from my blog! :)

  5. Love love it!! Where did you get your floaties from?

    1. Thanks so much! I pickup up the floaties from the dollar store, it was years ago, but I'm sure you could find them again!

  6. What size swim rings did you use?

    1. I'm not sure the size, both the swim rings and bowls were purchased at the Dollar Store.


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