The Partiologist: Let's Get Organized!

Let's Get Organized!

Good morning!  I wanted to start the week off by showing you how I organize all my cookie and party stuff.  It is starting to look like I need to down size.  Maybe someday I'll get the courage to sell off my party themes one by one.  Oh, that really hurt to say.  Anyway, I use clear plastic storage bins to put everything in from cookie cutters, decorations, invitations and keep everything that coordinates in the same bin.

Cookie Cutter Storage

They are clear so I can see inside with one look.

The party boxes below are stacked so far back and so deep, I would really like to someday have shelves built to put them on. 

But first I need a bigger room!

I also bought metal storage units to shelve all my party dishes. 

I actually went to Sam's Club by myself and put these in the back of a pick up truck. 

When I got home, I remember sitting in the back and pushing them out with my feet. 

One kind of got dented when it landed.  I could have waited and have had help, but I wanted to get it done NOW!!

I decided to set up a little unit with small drawers for important things like cupcake wrappers (can you believe I have six drawers devoted to cupcake wrappers??) 

Also, mini cutters, crafting supplies and I even have more drawers to fill.

Update, I  now have three more stacks going across the much for down sizing!

Speaking of cutters, I decided to make one small unit just for Christmas Cookie Cutters.

During the holiday's, when I'm baking cookies like crazy, I bring up this entire little unit and keep it in my pantry and so all my cutters are right around the corner.

Since I do have a sugar cookie business, I think I'm entitled to all my cutters...

Labeled and alphabetized of course!

And take a closer look at the top....I still have room for more!  *Update, they are all filled*

Well, I hope you are all heading out to Wal-Mart to pick up storage bins so you can start the week getting organized! 

Happy Monday!


  1. Awesome! I can not wait to show my husband (who can't understand why the corner cabinet under my kitchen counter isn't enough space to hold all of my baking stuff)!

  2. I feel like I've met my soulmate! I also have a baking/party supply addiction with more than 2000 cutters and have organized them in the same way. Clear plastic with white printed labels. Not to mention baking pans, molds, etc, etc, etc. I've photographed everything as well so that I don't have to go looking to see what I might want to use when I'm planning. It's all organized by theme, lots and lots of themes. I've been lucky enough to have a separate room with metro shelves and ivory canvas zip up covers so that I don't appear to be too nuts to my guests when they first see the room. Until they start unzipping. And there's more in the garage since we're using my room as an extra guest room for now. We need to meet.

    1. Would you mind sharing what your labels/themes are ? My bins are busting over and I need to further 'file them down.'

  3. I'm in wonder of all those cookie cutters!

  4. OMG I think I love you! Everybody laughs at my organization habit! Plastic bins and a label maker are my friends.

  5. I am in awe of your cookie cutter collection... :)

  6. I'm in awe and you have just motivated me to organize my cookie cutters (all 35 of them lol) into clear bins instead of the box I just toss them into!

  7. I love your cookie cutter organization! sorry I have been MIA! LONG week! Looking forward to catching up!

  8. I LOVE this. I have been wanting to do this for SO long. Last year was a hell of a year, LOADS of stress so it threw me off and I wasn't myself. THIS year the stress is gone and I'm going to do this. It's great to see someone has the same addiction as me :)


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