The Partiologist: Italian Themed Birthday - Aged to Perfection!

Italian Themed Birthday - Aged to Perfection!

Today, I'm sharing the party I hosted for my mom's 75th Birthday. I decided to go all out with an Italian theme.

Italian Theme Party Table

Of course I'll start with the invitation I sent out~

Here is one of the tables for the guests~

I wanted it to have a rustic feel, so I didn't use a table cloth and used tiny grapevine wreaths for the napkin rings. 

Then I headed to Home Depot (that's when my mom got a little worried, when I told her I was at Home Depot getting something for her birthday!) 

Here's what I did.

I found a rustic piece of scrap wood and had it cut to size. 

Bought another large grapevine wreath and twisted it apart and added a grapevine garland. 

Put the wood piece down the center of the table and added the grapevine.

Of course, I had to give each guest a cookie - and a very large cookie I might add!  

(Maybe I should write a book entitled "When You Give a Guest a Cookie"?

I used them for the place cards - a tag with their name was tied onto each cookie with raffia.

I found this over sized wine glass - and knew I had to buy it. 

Didn't know what for, but I knew there had to be SOMETHING to do with it.

It held homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Biscotti, surrounded by little cups of homemade Espresso Granita topped with fresh whipped cream and Fruit Compotes. 

All of this was sitting on a round wine board.

Next I'll be sharing what I put in those chafing dishes in the background. 

Oh, and did I mention there is a buffet table set up in the dining room?



  1. Now that looks like my kind of party......beautiful party in a beautiful room with gorgeous details!

  2. Been following your blog for awhile now...and wow...this is beautiful! your parties would be uber fun to shoot (:

  3. You set the most beautiful tables! Oh, and please share your biscotti recipe! It looks delicious! :)

  4. Thank you for the kind comments! Recipes will be coming and Hannah, I'd love for you to photograph one of my parties!!

  5. This is ALL of your party decorating ideas. The grapevine down the middle of the table looks awesome...does your brain ever shut down or do you dream about party's 24/7?

  6. Love the biscotti in the wine glass what a cleaver idea. Grapevine cookies are just amazing. Can't wait to see more. From 2beautifulgirls.

  7. you are so talented, you never run out of ideas!! very impressed!

  8. This is a gorgeous setup! I am making the jello things for the kiddos tommorrow if I get up...they picked green, but tonight was a midnight oil night, LOL! Hope I make it =) SweetSugarBelle Callye

  9. My gosh! The creative ideas never stop! I have been following your blog since close to the start and I have to say....each party is more detailed and spectacular than the previous party! Where do you find the time and energy! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. This post is fabulous. Love the simple "wine country" look of it all.

    Do you have an espresso machine or did you use instant? I'd love to try the granita but don't have a machine. Just so refreshing looking. Can't wait to see what's in the pans!

  11. Actually, I don't have a machine, I made the granita from scratch. Maybe I'll have to post that recipe - very refreshing!

  12. I love your Italian themed birthday party! Would you be willing to tell where you purchased the "Grapes" cookie cutter and if it's available on-line? I have a smaller one and would love to find one this size. I could try to make one, but don't really want to try it as I think it would be too hard to do.
    Thank you.

  13. Hi Anonymous!
    I don't remember where I purchased the cutter, but this is a website where you can order it.
    Hope this helps!

  14. Kim, thanks so much for the info on the grape cutter! I'm a follow of yours, but for some reason it just won't let me post under my Google account so I did it under annonymous and it let me. I've been missing out on giveaways! I was surprised when it posted and realized I forgot to put my name. Thank you again for the information!
    Debbie Johnson

  15. If you ever have trouble posting for a giveaway, please just post anonymous and leave your name. I don't understand why google doesn't work sometimes!!


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