The Partiologist: Aged to Perfection - Part Deux

Aged to Perfection - Part Deux

You know how I always like to have a play list for my parties, this was no exception.  I found this CD and everyone really enjoyed it.  The perfect background music for the party.

Countryside Italy

Since I haven't shown all the food I made for the party, I decided to get a little up close and personal with some of the "main attractions" of the party.

Brown Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves.

Crustless Onion & Sage Quiche.

In some recipes there is so much crust and no filling, I decided to make a recipe without crust. 

I had parchment paper liners on hand which made serving really easy.

Muffins Florentine.

Now, with a name like Florentine, I was sure they were Italian!

This completes the spread in the kitchen, but wait, there's more...In the Dining Room!

I think I'll make you wait for the buffet table and show you a few of the desserts first~

Top Left - Tiramisu

I know for a fact that Tiramisu is Italian - I'm not Italian, but I made this Tiramisu from scratch and was told by someone who ate Tiramisu in Italy, that this was the BEST. 

Well, it should have been, the recipe was at least three pages long, each layer made with love!

Before serving, I dusted the top with cocoa powder.

Top Right - Florentines

Another recipe I wanted to try, and again I knew it must be Italian! 

I wish I had taken a better photo, they were soooooooooo good!

Front & Center - Chewy Coffee Coconut Tarts

The recipe was just to be cut in squares, but mine were toooooo gooey, so I put them in chocolate shells, which made them even better!

I think they drink coffee in Italy, so these might be Italian too!

I placed parchment paper leaves around the base of the desserts.  

Believe it or not, I have a Dining Room table with a full spread!!  That I'll show you in the next post.

"La Vita E' Bella"



  1. Your making me hungry! Love everything can't wait to see the rest. from twobeautiful girls

  2. I really wish I could just come hang out with you a few days and just cook!!! You are so much fun!!!

  3. I wish I could get an invite to one of your parties!

  4. For a party like this, how far in advance do you prep your food? What a great spread!

  5. SSB I would love for you to come and hang out with me!!

  6. Another glorious party! Did you grow up being the recipient of fun parties? I bet your mom was blown away at what her "little girl" can do.

    Regarding the Crustless Onion & Sage Quiche, did you cook them in the parchment liners or is it something you add to the liners at serving time? I love the convenience of that. Thanks for all you share.

  7. Micki - I'm so happy you're enjoying my blog! I really didn't get to go to many parties growing up - I lived on a farm outside of town. But I did get to go to the swimming pool on Saturday when my mom went grocery shopping! :) As for the parchment liners, I baked the quiche right in the liners in cupcake pans.

  8. Would you mind sharing your recipe for the Muffins Florentine I would love to make these!

  9. love the grape cookies-what a great idea for desert at a wine tasting party!

  10. hey kim, hope it works this time...i love your blog and your cookies and would love to win these. wish you lived closer so i could have you plan a party for me. :)


  11. I Love that you do play lists for your parties too. It sets the mood and adds that extra little touch :) Those muffins look delish.


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