The Partiologist: Easter Lamb Cookies!

Easter Lamb Cookies!

These little lambs were some of the first I created when I started my cookie business over four years ago.  After making white lambs, I grew tired of doing the same thing.  So a couple of years ago, they grew into colored lambs.  Let's get one thing straight...Lambs do come in colors, how do you think you get those beautiful colored wool sweaters? 
And they do live in the sky.

Easter Lamb Cookies

And if you'd like, I'll show you how to make colored lambs!

Bake your cookies.
Roll out your pink fondant.
Cut a flower or five.
Place on sponge and using a gum paste tool,
press in the center to make it curved.
Pipe the frosting on the face with the basket weave tip.
Clean the edges with spatula.
Put a little black dragee on for the eye.
And a pink candy for the nose.
Sprinkle with pink sanding sugar.
Pipe the fur with a grass tip.

Do this with all the other colors that lambs come in. 
Pretty sure they come in yellow!
And pink...of course!
Everyone needs a little blue lamb!
Or how about mint green?  
Yes, they come in any color you like - welcome to my world!

I'll Be Baaaack!


  1. Love these! I can just picture them roaming over the countryside in all their pastel glory! Adorable?

  2. That was supposed to be........ adorable!!!

  3. Thanks for telling the world that lambs do come in colors, Kim! And thanks for another great post on your fabulous technique :)

  4. These are SO cute Kim! You did a seriously amazing job matching that icing to the ribbon color!!

    1. I wasn't trying to hard to match, but it worked. You know if I WAS trying, it would have never worked!! :) Thanks!

  5. Adorable and I'm off to find me a beautiful sweater in those Spring colors:)

  6. i love it!! I have that cutter and I have never used it! You have inspired me--if I have time!

  7. These are darling! My grandkids would love them!

  8. So adorable! I tried the "grass" tip once and it was a nightmare, but I am guessing my icing was the wrong consistency. Could you describe the consistency that you use for this and the basket weave?

    Thanks so much for sharing your creations! I love looking at them...and your party ideas...out of this world~

    1. Thanks Terri! The icing is a buttercream, stiff enough to hold it's shape. Maybe by adding more powdered sugar.

  9. I love them even more because I know how good they taste! PINNED!!!

  10. Very sweet. I love the sugar faces and use of the grass tip for the "wool!"

  11. These are adorable. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. I love the lambs and I love the texture that the basket weave tip adds to the lambs. I wondered how you got that wonderful texture on your cookies. And I appreciate the tip on how to clean up the "edges" after piping the frosting on! I can't wait to try these out!

  13. Can't believe I missed this very informative tutorial on the making of the cutest lamb cookies ever.
    Every compliment is well-deserved.
    Must say though that I still don't like the BALD pink lamb in your picture tutorial....he needs a toupee :-)


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