The Partiologist: Baskets & Bunnies!

Baskets & Bunnies!

Easter is the only time it's a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket or maybe four baskets?  I made some chocolate treats to fill the Easter baskets so everyone could take a treat from the basket.  Little chocolate bunnies in the Pink Basket~

Basket of Bunnies

I made these with a chocolate mold, added the eyes, ribbon and flower tail~
Then put them in little bags with grass and tied with ribbon~
Next were some chocolate Nests~
And these were really really good!
But not any better than the Chocolate Covered Oreo Easter Eggs~
I decided to think frost outside of the chocolate~
Then packaged them up~
In little clear boxes with grass.
I can't forget the Purplicious Basket~
Filled with Pretzelicious Pretzels!  What makes them Pretzelicious?  They're dipped in chocolate, placed in Jelly Bean Bags with Jelly Bean Ribbon!
And that my peeps is the end of the...baskets, NOT the party!  :)

More Easter Hoppenings to Come!


  1. Just curious... what did you decorate the chocolate covered Oreo's with? They are so cute!

    1. Thanks Rita! I used a crusting buttercream frosting.

  2. Loved how you did the oreos. Darling. Also I so much like that you made your own chocolate bunnies. And the packaging of it all is just delightful. Looking forward to all of your other wonderful Easter ideas.


  3. PS Could you give your packaging source for the little clear boxes etc. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Nann! I don't think I'll be of much help with the clear boxes - I had them in my "party room" packaging. I always pick things up when I see them, just in case I would need them some day!

  4. Okay, I am on Easter creativity overload! Beautiful and fun, as usual!!!


  5. Loved the Oreos, Kim! And all of your Easter ideas! You know how to PARTY!!!

  6. Your little chocolate bunnies are so adorable. All of the Easter ideas are so creative! You definitely "frost" outside the box! LOVE IT!!!


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