The Partiologist: The Table & Tulips

The Table & Tulips

No Easter Party would be complete without a Partiologist Easter Table!  And you can create this party table too!   It all started with the gingham napkins I found at Pier I and a bunny napkin I saw on Martha Stewart. 

Easter Bunny Napkins

I then added "The Partiologist" touch...a Cotton Tail!
Here's the Party Table~
The Place Setting
Of course it started with 12 x 12 gingham scrap book paper~
And layered on that~
Dinner Plate
Easter Grass
Dessert Place
Bunny Napkin

And the Place Card~
The beverage glasses - so simple with a ribbon tied to each~
Added a cube of pineapple and umbrella~
I used my white table runner and added bright ric rack along both sides~
In the Middle were colored Sixlets~
Two Jars on each side of the tree.
This Tree~
Did you know Easter trees grow colored Eggs?  Yes they do, how lucky is that?  One more time~
On another counter I added some Dutch tulips...Wooden! 
I once planted some tulip bulbs - upside down.  They came up, just a little late since they had to make a U-Turn.  I have since decided that planting flowers was not in my job description.
Along with the tulips, I added pastel Marshmallow Poles, and Mints!

I remember the first time I got to wear nylons.  It was on Easter Sunday, and I got new white patent sling back shoes...with a little heel.  My hair was long and curled, sides pulled back with ribbons. (I may have looked a little like the Easter tree)  And some funny looking glasses I'm sure.  But I was having a good HARE day!  :)

I've got the One Hop Party Stop!


  1. Such a cute table design for Easter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim, I'm in LOVE with this table/party!!! Easter is my favorite holiday!
    Thanks for the "eye candy". LOL

    Susan Skalican
    Sweet Treats by Susan

  3. I thought the bunny napkins were adorable and then I began scrolling down through your post. This is a picture perfect Easter table setting, love every idea you came up with to create such a lovely dining room.

    P.S. We always got a new outfit with new white shoes for Easter too. Love your good *Hare* day line :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for scrolling down!! :)

  4. ok, so you are funny and super talented!!!

  5. What a great idea using scrap booking paper for placemats! I love that! It is such a pretty table! Thanks for the ideas!

  6. I remember many Easters spent with you! I probably remember the first time you wore the nylons and I am sure i was impressed with your shoes! And, now I am so impressed with your beautiful, creative Easter Decor!!!!!!

    Happy Easter to you and yours! Hugs!


  7. Lovely! I loved he place settings and the sixlets really made a wonderful impression of color. Thanks for sharing!

  8. whoua trés trés jolie j'aime beaucoup bravo

  9. whoua trés trés jolie j'aime beaucoup bravo

  10. Ha ha, great party minds think alike. I did a photo shoot in early March for Easter with Easter grass between plates too!

  11. Can I please be invited to one of your parties?! :P Adorable tablescape!

    1. I would love for you to come to one of my parties! :)

  12. The table is gorgeous!!! So funny about the tulip planting!


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