The Partiologist: Everything's Coming Up Flowers!

Everything's Coming Up Flowers!

Everything is coming up roses, daisies and sunflowers...not in my garden (remember, I don't have a garden!) in my kitchen.  Lately I've been on a roll making things with candy melts.  And when I ran across this little mold, I decided it was time to make more chocolate covered OREO's.  And I even made some printables to go with each cookie.  Not the genius kind of printables, more like the Avery kind of printables! 

Rose Oreo's
My printable works perfect to print on Avery business cards #8875
You must punch your own hole!
There were two molds in one tray, so I made a Sunflower~
And the printable!!
Did you know you could make a Daisy too?  Well, being the whiz kid I am, this is what I created~
ANOTHER printable ~
You can use these for a Birthday, or even a Get Well Card! 

Now for the very detailed instructions~
Buy yourself this little Oreo Cookie Mold!
Then buy yourself some spring time OREO's
Eat as many as you want.  Use the rest for the cookies.
I tried to use a brown M & M for the center, didn't work.  So I piped some chocolate in the center and filled the top with yellow candy melts, OREO and more yellow candy melts.  For the rose, I filled it up with bright pink candy melts, OREO and more pink candy melts.  I even found some pink filled OREO's. 

Now for the Daisy.  I didn't have bright white candy melts on hand so I decided to try something else.  And it went a little like this~
Popped the Daisy out of the mold.  Piped a little more yellow in the center~
While the yellow center was still soft I sprinkled on white dragees~
Then poured the excess off~
Then brush off the remaining dragees with a little paint brush~
 And there you have three ways to grow some flowers for Mom Sweet Mom!

 It's What a Mom Wants!



  1. This is the first time I've seen this with the Oreo Cookies. What a cute idea, love all your pretty flowers (and cookie bag labels)

  2. So cute! Where did you get the oreo cookie mold? These are really a fun idea! Thanks!

    1. Oh, I almost forgot - I got the molds at the Joann Fabrics in Loveland, CO!

  3. Those are adorable! Thank you for sharing the printable.

  4. Those win the prize as most gorgeous Oreos ever! And the printables are pretty dang cute, too!

  5. I love these!!! And thank you for the coordinating printables. So cute!

  6. So pretty Kim. You should look around on ebay too. They have some great oreo molds on there.


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