The Partiologist: Star Wars Cookies!

Star Wars Cookies!

I confess, I may be the only one on the planet that has not seen a Star Wars Movie.  So when asked to make Star Wars Cookies, I was a little worried.  Today I am posting these cookies over at a linky party on Sugarbelles!  Lots of great Star Wars going on over there!  Please keep in mind that these photos were taken before I was The Partiologist!  So now you can appreciate that I have improved a little on my photography!! 

Star Wars Cookies

I will now show they very bad individual photos~
I would have marked what these are, but I don't know. 
No, the force was not with me when I made these cookies.  Or took the photos! 
May the 4th Be With You!


  1. These are wonderful! I love the textured icing.

  2. Kim,
    These were so perfect for Mason's party last year. So glad you did them for me :)


  3. You make me laugh Kim. You have never seen any of the Star Wars movies. Oh girlfriend where have you been. My oldest child and only son was 11 when those came out and he's now in his 40's. You need to get your bod down to the movie rental and watch the trilogy. I took my kids to them way back when. Thats what made Harrison Ford famous. But I'm sure you already knew all that.

    But back to your cute cookies. And they all are just darling. I must say you have more energy and ideas than anyone else I know. You are one amazing lady.


  4. You may not have seen the movie but you have the characters down!! LOOK at how amazing they are!! WOW!

  5. kim these came out great! i have never seen star wars either lol
    i also have many plenty of cookies where i have never seen the movie or show before

  6. These are sOme of my all time fave SW cookies! And that you did it with BC! One say we're going to have a SW party complete with SW sheets!

    1. Oh, I'd love a star wars marathon sleep over! In fact, I have never slept better then when I used the Star Wars sheets!!! :)

  7. Those cookies are amazing! and who cares about photography skills when you have cookies decorating skills like those. DANG! Great job.


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