The Partiologist: Patriotic Pinwheels!

Patriotic Pinwheels!

With only two weeks until the Fourth of July, It's time...
To show you a Patriotic way to display all of your Star Spangled Desserts!

Patriotic Party Table

Easy Peasy Pinwheels~
All you need is dowel rods
Red, White & Blue poster board
Scissors and Gumballs

Here's How~
Cut your poster board into a 22" square

Glue Dowel Rod to the back of poster board and glue a BIG gumball to the center.

Now for the simple DIY banner across the front~
All you need~
Card stock Stars, Mini Clothespins and Jute.
I'm sure you've got the rest figured out!  But just in case, measure the jute across the front of the table, remove and add stars with the mini clothespins.  Replace the banner across the front and secure on each end.

Add all of those Blue Ti Ful desserts you will be serving and you're done.  But I'm not... more Patriotic treats to come!

Little Miss Independent!


  1. Such fun and creative ideas! I just bought all the supplies to make your molded oreo cookies...I hope they turn out half as cute as yours! Actually, I know we will probably all have a good laugh over them:)

  2. What a fun and patriotic dessert table. Love your large pinwheels and your banner (goes without saying that I love all the desserts too)

  3. I've never seen huge pinwheels like that! What a great decoration and I think I could even handle making them. Thanks for linking!

  4. I LOVE the pinwheels! Do you know the length of dowel rod I need for each one? I'd like to only make one trip to the store :) Also - are they free-standing, or attached to to the wall? Can't wait to make these for the 4th of July!

    1. Thank Heather! I just picked up three dowel rods at Hobby Lobby - I think they were 36" and they were light enough that I taped them to the wall (with the bottom of the rod tight between the wall and the buffet table). Hope this helps!

  5. Love the table! It definitely makes a statement!!


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