The Partiologist: Stars & Stripes 4 Ever!

Stars & Stripes 4 Ever!

Just a couple more ideas for the Fourth of July.  First up are some stars and striped OREO cookies. 

Simple?  Sort of.

A while back I ordered some OREO cookie molds from Fancy Flours.  I purchased the red and dark blue candy melts from Hobby Lobby and the bright white candy melts from Fancy Flours.
Start by melting some of the white candy melts.  Later the red and blue.
Pipe in the white design and let harden~
Start filling in stripes with red melted candy melts and the stars with blue melted candy melts.  Add the Oreo and continue filling with the same color.  Bag and tie with ribbon.  Now they're ready for the party.  These are another treat that can be made up ahead of what are you waiting for? 

Party Packaging?  Okay...
This is what I used to package up some rice krispie bars. 
Here's how~
A few supplies you'll need:
Plastic bags
Paper cutter
Paper Punch

Patriotic PRINTABLE (Yes, I made it for you)

Make two folds, the first fold is 4 1/2" from the top and the next fold is 6 1/2" from the top.  Cut the cardstock into two 4" x 11" pieces.   Add the rice krispie to the bag and fold down the top. Staple the treat on the cardstock, punch holes and tie the front and back together.  Fill them up with anything you like, it doesn't have to be a rice krispie treat.  I just happen to really like rice krispie treats. 

OREO'S & Rice Krispies 4 Ever!



  1. WOW Kim! Your stars and strip Oreos looks perfect! I have never tried the candy molds but, I will now:)

  2. Very cute...what could be better than stars and stripes Oreas? Not much :)

  3. these really came out so professional and with such crisp lines. well done! Excellent design really! I don't eat oreos but these really are a home run and would sell for big bucks!


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