The Partiologist: Beach Week - Sea Creatures!

Beach Week - Sea Creatures!

I really can't decide if these are my favorites or maybe my favorite is on tomorrow's post!  Wait and see then you tell me.  Beth from Hungry Happenings made some adorable rice krispie treats using sand molds and inspired me to dig in the sand too!  With cake pops being all the rage, I decided to make some sea creature cake pops, only they're not pops.  They are the cake pop filling formed in mini sand molds. 

Sea Cake Pops Creatures!
When decorating cookies, I love to use fondant for accents and I thought...why not decorate the sea creatures??

Now let me introduce you!
Carly The Crab

Sally The Seahorse

Wanda The Whale

Fern the Fish

I've got good news and bad news...

Here's the good news - I got my molds at the dollar store!

And now the bad news - I got my molds at the dollar store back in early April, and I don't know if they still have them.  (I really meant to post these creatures in the spring and time got away from me).  I am posting now, and somewhere, someone should still have sand molds! 

Wash and dry the molds.

Mixed up the cake ball filling (use your favorite white cake ball recipe).

Spray your molds with Pam.

Scoop out some filling and roll in raw sugar.l

Press cake mixture in molds.

Chill the molds and then flip out on parchment paper.

Add more sugar to the tops of the creatures.

Decorate with fondant or just with sand (raw sugar).

To serve, just use a knife and slice off a piece.

Here's what I used for my decorations:

Crab - Decorated with white gumballs and black fondant center eyes.

Red fondant bows and mouth.

Sea Horse - Decorated with purple fondant, sugar pearl, ready made eyes and black jimmy eyelashes.

Whale - Decorated with pink fondant and flower mold, sugar pearl, ready made eyes and black jimmy eyelashes.

Fish - Decorated with blue fondant fins, red fondant (formed by hand) lips and ready made eyes and black jimmy eyelashes.

Can You Sea the Possibilities?


  1. Your sea creatures look great. I love the fondant decorations; they really bring your animals to life!

  2. Those turned out so cute, I'm sure the kids would love them! I'm definitely checking the dollar store for the molds!

  3. I love the striking pop of colour that the fondant gives to all your sea creatures!

  4. Your site is amazing and inspiring. I have pinned a number of your creations and will be copying in my own kitchen. Thank you for all your hard work and your great ideas.

  5. The cake pop creatures each have such cute personalities!!

  6. What a perfect idea for the molds. Even though Dollar Tree probably doesn't have them anymore they should get them in again next year, or something similar. So keep your eyes peeled for them.


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