The Partiologist: Carousel Cake!

Carousel Cake!

I think I saved the best for last.  What would a Carnival be without a Carousel?  This little project of mine didn't seem to complicated when I thought of doing my head.  Once I started, that was another story.  So I'm going to tell you up front.  Don't Do It!  If you can find someone to make this cake for less than $500.00 you've got yourself a bargain!  My hat's off to all those cake decorators out there!  Don't ever, EVER question the cost of a cake!

The Carousel Cake

Ready to Party.

The top is made with the Rice Krispie Treat recipe. 

After mixing the marshmallows/butter and rice krispies together, I formed it into the shape for the top. 

Frosted it with a thin layer of frosting and then covered it in white fondant. 

After that I cut out red, blue and yellow strips of fondant, no pattern, just worked until I got it right. 

Then added the border around the edge. 

I placed it on a lazy susan so it would a Carousel!

Here's how I made the base of the cake.

Baked two round 9" white cakes.

Used a plastic cylinder for the center.

Cut out the center of each white cake.

Frosted with white frosting.

Rolled out white fondant to cover the cake.

Cut hole in white fondant.

Rolled out more white fondant and cut to fit cylinder.

Wrapped around the cylinder and trimmed with molded fondant beads.

Finished with red & yellow fondant.

The Carousel Pony Cookies.

I made an extra just in case one ran off.

 Added ribbon to wooden dowels and a bead topper for the poles.

My Life is a Circus without the Tent! 


  1. KIM, this is amazing. I had no idea you make cakes like this!!! I wouldn't know where to start and yet you made it look so easy and fun. Beautiful Cake!

    1. Really Hani I don't make cakes - that's why it was so much work for me! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. WOWZA!!!!! You really outdid yourself this time. It even turns?!!!! I don't think there's a thing that you can't tackle. You're my idol.

  3. WOW!!! I have to ask, did you have company? If so, how many people? Did you make all this in a couple of days???
    You are incredible, your attention to perfect details is amazing!!!!
    If you did have a party, I would of loved to be invited!!!!

    Your blog is great and I love all your beautiful treats!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Why Cheryl - thank you very much! Oh no, I did not make all the treats in a couple of days - more like a couple of months! I always make all the paper goods first and then the edible treats. Wrap with saran wrap,then a zip lock baggie and place in tupperware and then into the freezer they go.

      There were about 26 people at the party and I send home goodie bags with everyone to share with their family.

  4. This party was fabulous to read about from beginning to end and you are right, you saved the best for last (though everything you created for this circus theme party was amazing and fun!) I love your carousel cake and the gorgeous little carousel horses. You must be so proud of all you accomplished here. I don't know what you are going to do to top this but I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    1. Paula - you're the best! I appreciate your comments so much!

  5. kim this is absolutely beautiful and i would easily pay $500 for such beauty and creativity!!!

  6. I LOVE that you posted how hard this was to make. I think so many people see our posts and think, how easy is that. HA, not :) You sound just like the Cake Boss when you describe how you made the cake. It's gorgeous! and I bet you feel so proud of yourself after you made it :) You should! I would hee hee

    1. Thank you Tiffany - I was happy that after all the work I liked the cake! :)

  7. waw!!amazing cake!!and so well explained!!this cake is well worth 500$!!
    so,the center is a plastic cylinder??
    was it stable enough to hold the top?how did you fix the top on it?
    congratulations for this piece of art,and thks for sharing.

    1. Yes, the center was a plastic cylinder that I had on hand and it just happened to be the right size. It was strong enough to hold the rice krispie top. I turned the cylinder upside down and put some frosting on the top of the cylinder and then put the rice krispie top on that. (The rice krispie was on a cake board to keep it flat). Hope that helps!

  8. of course ,that helps!!! i have so much to learn!!! thank you very much for your reply!!
    happy baking!!


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