The Partiologist: Photo Booth!

Photo Booth!

No Carnival would be complete without the added Photo Booth! 
And by added, I mean an entire wall of fun for photos.

Photo Booth
I found a red and white striped shower curtain at Target and cut out black adhesive letters with a Cricut.

Added a few props~

Whip, Hat and Clown Noses!

Another Hat, Nose & Glasses. 
The candle arrived a little early to the party and grabbed a mustache! 
 Can't forget these, Mustache & Lips~

Take Your Pick~

The Chocolate cookies were made using mustache cutters and inserted a cookie stick as soon as they came out of the oven.

And the mustache and lips were made with candy melts and molds~
Here I am having a little LOT of Fun~

Ooops, cannot post THAT photo!

Face Painting Perhaps?


  1. Fun photo booth, fabulous ideas and you are such a tease with that last photo! I wish this circus would come to my town :)

    1. Oh Paula - you saved the day! I was starting to regret posting that last photo! :)

  2. Looks like you cut your hair????? Looks great.

    1. Nope, I just had it pulled back in a pony tail! Thanks though!

  3. That photo of you is too funny! From what I can see, that was a really cute top you had on! I'm going to have to direct Susan over here to check out your moustaches!!!

  4. You ate too cute! Thank you Tricia for alerting me to this! You're too much KIm! Love it!

  5. Honestly, Kim, you are just too much fun! Love this!!

  6. Hee hee, love that you posted that last photo. Shows you know how to FUN! Love the photo props, guests really get into those. So much fun. I laugh so hard whenever I have a photo prop set up.


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