The Partiologist: Pop Tart Cookies!

Pop Tart Cookies!

What a way to start the day, during the day, or better yet to end the day?  Maybe just "Pop" one in a school lunch for a tasty treat.  Milk and Pop Tart Cookies - Not just for breakfast!

Pop Tart Cookies

Super simple to make AND eat!

Using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and two Betty Crocker Products - Cookie Icing and Decorating Decors!

Roll, cut and bake your sugar cookies in a rectangle shape.

Squeeze Cookie Icing out of the bag and onto the cookies.

Sprinkle with Decorating Decors.

Get them ready to Pop in a lunch.

I even made a regular size, raspberry jam filled Pop Tart Cookie!

How did it taste?  It gets the Partiologist Taste of Approval! 

And this concludes the Back to School Snack Series.

Class Dismissed!


  1. These are sooo cute! The jam filled one looks amazing! I would pick one of these cookies over a real pop tart ANY day!

  2. I love how simple these are, but oh SO CUTE! Very clever!

  3. Oh what FUN!! Pop Tarts are the best but some how you made the "best" even BETTER!! Love this idea!!

  4. How cute are these???!!! I love the touch of sprinkles on the milk glass, too! You make everything so much fun!!!

  5. Sent over here after seeing Sue's latest post! I'm not at all surprised that you thought up these totally cute cookies!


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