The Partiologist: Baby Crackers!

Baby Crackers!

 Remember when I made the animal crackers for the CIRCUS and told you I had lots more plans for these cookies?  Here is one of my other plans.  While making the circus cookies I decided to make some frosted animal crackers.  Only they're not animal shapes - they're baby shapes!

Baby Shaped Animal Crackers

 WOW!  I thought the plain Circus Animal Crackers were good, but adding the frosting made them OUTSTANDING! 
And with just a few simple steps they're finished!
I used the animal cracker recipe from Williams Sonoma HERE
For the frosting I used white chocolate chips
Baked the baby crackers with tiny molds you can find HERE
(ANY small cookie cutter would work)
Have your candy food coloring and sprinkles ready
Melt white chips in microwave safe bowl
Dip all the white and sprinkle with non-pareils before they dry
(Lay them face down in the candy melts to coat the tops and shake off the excess)
Add pink food color to the white
Dip all the remaining cookies in pink and add non-pareils
Perfect little Baby Shower party favors! 
Make some LOTS today - I guarantee you'll love them! 
They've got 'The Partiologist' Taste of Approval! 


  1. Really cute idea! They look so yummy!

  2. I've made these cookies before(animals)with the W.S. recipe, unfrosted and frosted, but your baby shapes version is such a CUTE alternative! Love them:)

  3. Replies
    1. Oh what a wonderful morning!! Thanks to you and all your sweet comments!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Linky! Since the frosting is a form of chocolate - it really was the perfect combo!

  5. I used to love eating animal crackers! Can't remember when I had them last but adding frosting to them like you did makes me want to go out and buy of box of them now.

    1. I hope you had a chance to get some animal crackers - or even make some, they were one of the favorite treats at the party!


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