The Partiologist: Eye for an Eye!

Eye for an Eye!

 Everyone needs a little eye candy now and then don't you think?

Eye Candy Oreo's

Did you know I used my Wilton Brownie Pan?  And did you know they were filled with a Mini Oreo?  Yep, they are!
Wilton Brownie Pop Pan & Mini Oreo's.
Melt white chocolate candy melts and fill bottom of each mold.
Place a Mini Oreo on top of the melted candy melts.
Cover the Oreo with more candy melts and place in refrigerator to set.
Pop out of Brownie Pan and top with fondant cut in two sizes.
Bottom of a decorating tip for the colored and the top of the tip for the black.
Pipe red royal icing in streaks around eye.  (Not shown)
Oreo Cookie Blood Shots!
All eyes are on you!
Don't they make nifty gifties?
More eyes...
These ARE treats your mummy would LOVE -
Easy AND En-expensive! The two E's!
Glue on the eyes, then wrap the orange treat cup with some of the gauze.
The candy treats are chocolate covered mini Oreo's.
Make them just like I did HERE using Wilton orange candy melts.

I Only Have Eyes For YOU!


  1. Wow - every detail on these is perfect! I love them all boxed up; what a perfectly creepy Halloween treat!

  2. Such fun!! Love the eyes and the decorated cups!

  3. The little mummy cups are so cute! That would be an easy way to take treats for a class:) Thanks!

  4. These eyes are hilariously goulish. Love your bloody viens!

  5. Okay, this is one of the best I've seen and I could probably manage actually doing this! :) CHEERON!!!

  6. I love your site and all your wonderful creative Halloween ideas you have posted this year. I can hardly wait every other day for my Partiologist email to find out what fun creation is in store for me that day that I can ooh and ahh over. I LOVE Halloween and seeing all you ideas makes me even more excited. I love the orange mummy and pumpkin cups. What a great easy idea for a class party. I think I'm going to make a fun Halloweenie party mix and use this idea for the kids to scoop it into. What ever they don't finish I put a clear bag around it pop a bow on it and the kids will be good to go. Keep em coming. This is so fun. from, twobeatifulgirls.

    p.s- I would love to eat one of those eyes

  7. These are creepy and yucky in the most AWESOME way! I just love your ideas : )


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