The Partiologist: Popcorn Ball Pumpkins!

Popcorn Ball Pumpkins!

After a few creepy and gory posts, I feel I need to redeem myself with something cute.  And CUTE it is.  After a trip to the pumpkin patch, look what I came home with...

Popcorn Ball Pumpkins!
Picked from the patch...loaded in the crate!

Would you like to load some up too?


 Make the popcorn treats and form into balls instead of pressing in a pan.

You can even add a little orange food color to the marshmallow mixture.

Orange Tissue Paper (Hobby Lobby)
Grapevine Garland (Dollar Store)
Florist Tape (Dollar Store)
Homemade Marshmallow Popcorn Balls (My Kitchen)
Florist Wire (Hobby Lobby)
Wrap each popcorn ball in Saran Wrap.
Place in the middle of one sheet of tissue paper.
Gather up the corners and twist at the top of popcorn ball.
Start to wrap florist tape around the top, then cut the tissue.
Pick one set of leaves off the vine and wrap around the top of pumpkin.
Add florist wire that has been curled.
(Wrap around a handle of a wooden spoon and slide off)
Finish wrapping florist tape around the top to make the stem.
Cut the florist tape and seal.

No Tricks...Just Treats! 


  1. These are adorable and the grands will LOVE them!! What great treats for a halloween party!! You are SO clever and I wish I could just crawl into your brain and live there awhile. It would be so much fun!! N.

  2. So cute! The packaging is great :)

  3. O.K., this is the cutest way I've seen popcorn balls packaged!

  4. These are the most beautiful wrapped popcorn balls I have EVER seen. How creative. They are so pretty and are so fun! WOW!

  5. Your pumpkins are gorgeous. The wrapping is just stunningly beautiful. Wow, is right!

  6. Look how far the popcorn ball has come. I really thing you could do something with just about anything. These are just adorable. Super easy to. Might have to add them to my daughters pumpkin Halloween Class Party.

  7. Love these! Happy Birthday, Partiologist!!! CHEERON!!!

  8. Another awesome packaging idea:) LOVE it!

  9. I agree with Paula - these are the cutest EVER!!

  10. These are awesome Kim, I love all your ideas, you are so creative with everything you make! Happy Fall!


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