The Partiologist: The Pumpkin Patch!

The Pumpkin Patch!

What do you do when you see a cute inexpensive little pumpkin ice cube tray?  You buy it.  I could hardly wait to get home a make ice cubes Mini Oreo Chocolate Covered Pumpkins!  Sometimes when I get something in my mind, it doesn't go as planned.  This time it went as planned and The Pumpkins were growing faster than I could harvest!

Chocolate Pumpkins

A Mini Oreo was nestled inside each pumpkin!
Here's the simple procedure.  No down time.
 Wilton Orange Candy Melts.
Pumpkin Ice Cube Tray ($1.00 from the Dollar Store)
Green frosting, fondant and a leaf cutter.
Melt orange candy melts and fill the bottom of pumpkin, add Mini Oreo.
Add brown candy melt or fondant stem.
Refrigerate until firm and pop out of tray.
Decorate with vines and leaves.

After they've been picked from the patch, here is a cute way to package them.
 Who wouldn't love an Oreo chocolate pumpkin??

I heard through the grapevine that while hanging out in a patch for all those months, some pumpkins fell in love.
And they lived happily ever after!
Using my punch, (remember the Punch?) I cut out orange card stock wrappers with my Cricut and placed the black face on the wrappers.
Cut green fondant Leaves using a pie crust cuter.
Make green fondant rope with clay gun.
 Wrap the green fondant rope around the end of a wooden spoon to get curls.
Make the chocolate stem by rolling fondant between fingers.
 Add a few lines to the stem with a toothpick.

Got Pumpkin LOVE?


  1. I never in a million years would have thought to use ice trays to make cake pops! Brilliant!!

  2. You make everything look so elegant. Your pumpkins packaged in the box make such a wonderful little gift. I love your story too!

  3. I see a trip to the Dollar Store in my future! :) Yet another super cute idea, Kim! Thank you for sharing!

  4. The pumpkin oreos are adorable!!!

  5. These ice cube tray pumpkins are adorable and your packaging is irresistibly cute.

  6. Wow! You are so creative! I loved, loved, loved the little oreo cookie pumpkins. Great job! Now I want one of those ice cube trays! I want it... no, I NEED IT!

  7. You clever lady you. I never want to miss a post. When it comes up on my email and other blogs do to....yours is the first one I hit. Love love love all your ideas. You inspire me. And I don't have a cricut but it sure is tempting to get one with all you do with it!! You ought to get a commission. :) N.

  8. PS I just posted you on my facebook page and told everyone to come to see your blog!!

    1. Aw Nann - Thanks! The cricuts are sometimes available to rent, you might check with a scrapbooking store.

  9. Ohhh how cute are these!! I would smack people away from eating them, they're that adorable. You are just so creative Kim!

  10. Thanks for sharing another very cute idea! When I see a pumpkin ice cube tray, I just think "who wants a pumpkin ice cube????" You amaze me with your great ideas!



  11. Love the pumpkin oreos. I was thinking either truffles or something chocolate covered as soon as I read the 'ice cube' part. Sweet brains! I haven't seen any pumpkin ice cube trays here so I'mma little jealous. Although I did manage to find a silicone halloween tin! The stalks and the green curly vines are awesome too - all in the details. :)

    Love Mr & Mrs Jack O' lantern too. The wrappers are cool too.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  12. I have that ice tray and never thought to do chocolate covered Oreo's! i just use it for ice and chocolates :) Now I'll be adding oreo's for sure. I LOVE your cupcakes too. Cute!

  13. Are you kidding me??!! These are chocolate covered Oreo's??!! Does your family follow you around adoring you ever second of the day? They totally should.

    1. one follows me around adoringly - I will for sure show them this comment, it may change my life! :) You're too funny!


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