The Partiologist: Thanks for Poppin' In!

Thanks for Poppin' In!

I've been running around trying to finish up my Christmas shopping.  Yes, I said Christmas shopping!  Do you know that if you shop now you will avoid long lines, crabby kids, cranky adults and you'll get the best selection, best parking spots, even good deals.  And don't you hate it when they say "we sold the last one yesterday"?  I walked up to a counter and right away a sales person came to see if I needed assistance...that just doesn't happen during the busiest time of the year.  Okay, my ramblings don't have anything to do with today's post, it's just what I did and want you to have a stress free Christmas too.  Then you'll be able to make all the party stuff I'm going to show you! 
On to today's feature - a little favor for your Thanksgiving table!

Popcorn Favors

A simple way to package popcorn, with Wilton pretzel bags, raffia and a tag.  I was going to write "Thanks for Poppin' In" on the tag, but really, who "pops" in for Thanksgiving.  So I went the safe route and used Happy Thanksgiving.
Here's what I did~
Fill the pretzel bag with popcorn by pouring the popcorn on a paper plate.  Then fold the paper plate like a taco and pour the popcorn into the pretzel bag.  Then wrap the raffia around your fingers ten times and cut one end.  Stick the raffia inside the top of the pretzel bag and tie with raffia.  Add the tag and make a bow and you're done.
I might as well tell you now, I decorated my house for Christmas Tuesday. 
Any other Christmas crazies out there?
Now I can say it... 
Thanks for Poppin' In!


  1. So cute! LOVE the paper plate trick; I've never thought of doing that before!

  2. These a perfect little gifts for Thanksgiving. I love that they look like corn with the raffia. So clever.

  3. How cute! What a great way to decorate your table and have a little treat for your guest to take home! Thanks for the great idea! Love the printable tags too!

  4. Very cute and I liked the *thanks for poppin' in* idea even though no one really pops in for Thanksgiving dinner. Don't put my tree up until after December 1st and barely have gotten started on my Christmas shopping!!!


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