The Partiologist: Falling For You!

Falling For You!

I spent the first four days of November at a Cookie Convention in Salt Lake City.  You probably didn't even know there was such a thing...well, there is and it was the sweetest convention in the world.  The convention was put together by the awesome Mike & Karen of Karen's Cookies.  Two hundred cookiers gathered from all over the world to share their love of cookies.  While there, we all had the chance to learn new techniques and even try them out first hand.  Something I've been wanting to do was try airbrush on my cookies.  And I did.

Fall Leaf Cookies

After returning home from the convention, I started the day frosting with my white butter cream and then started spraying away.  After they were colored, I piped some brown beading for the veins.
My friend Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker, demonstrated airbrush at the convention and posted a tutorial on her BLOG.
Yes I am...Falling For You!
Are  you Falling For Me?


  1. Happy to hear that you enjoyed the first ever Cookie Con! I love your *beaded* look for the veins in the leaves.

  2. KIM!!! These cookies might be my favorites from you yet! The airbrushing is exquisite...especially that large maple(?) leaf! Gorgeous!!!

  3. So beautiful! I hope you had an amazing time at Cookie Con - I hope I can go to the next one! :)

  4. These are so beautiful. You did a wonderful job with the airbrushing! The colors are perfect!

  5. Oh!I was there too! Wish we had met! I am a follower and love your cookies! These air brushed leaves are beautiful! Congrats!!!

  6. These look great. I have a airbrush I bought previous CC but still have not had time to use it.

    I talked to you briefly at cookiecon and asked you about your butter-cream recipe. I am wondering if you could send me you recipe.


  7. I'm so glad you decided to give the airbrush a try! These turned out beautifully, Kim!!!

  8. They turned out so beautifully! Love the brown beaded veins! I don't have a gun, but I bought some of the Wilton sprays...we'll see how they turn out.

  9. These are amazing and honey, I fell for you a long time ago!!!! Love ya!!!


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