The Partiologist: North Pole or Bust!

North Pole or Bust!

Let's head to the North Pole, it may be a long cold journey.  And I don't like cold.

North Pole Treats

We we're thrilled when we arrived!
Santa had treats waiting...

Candy Cane Truffles on Top~

So chocolaty and minty - THANK-YOU SANTA!

AND...Santa packaged up chocolate covered pomegranate seeds - YUM...

He also wanted to give the gift that keeps on giving...

Home Made Chex Party Mix!
After eating the mix, you'll smell like garlic for days...uhhhh

Since the Gingerbread Frappe glasses were decked out, Santa didn't want his wine glasses to feel left out. 

He put his best elves on the project~

Attached a white pom pom to a red pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the stem of each wine glass.

Added Cranberry Simple Syrup and topped with Sparkling Wine.

No space was left empty.

The coffee mugs were not neglected~

Plastic Candy Cane Ornaments used for stirrers.

 And I hand decorated sugar cubes!

Those Elves...filled a Sock with Chocolate Dipped Pretzels!

I found the cutest socks...

and stretched one of the socks around a glass vase.  Filled the vase with paper shred and topped with the pretzels!  Sad to say, this completes the party, but the fun doesn't stop here.
You'll want to come back for more.  Why?  Be Claus I said so.

Mingle, Munch and Make Merry!


  1. I really really really want to be invited to one of your parties. You make everything so very special. Your friends are so lucky!!!

    1. Oh how I would LOVE for you to come to one of my parties!!!

  2. Way too cute Kim. Another addition to an already "out of site" party.
    Quick question about the sock.....did you sew the added white fuzzy top to it?
    Where did you find the's soooo perfect for the season. Be sure to put this one in your book............which by the way, is still on the "to do list???"

    1. Thanks Lexy! I found the socks (complete with fur) at Target last year after Christmas. I'm not sure if they have them this year. Yes, my book is still on the to do list!

  3. I love all this red and white! So Chrismasssssy and festive! Cheeron!

  4. Always can rely on you for a smile - just what I needed today! Thanks!

  5. You never run out of amazing ideas, and you implement them all perfectly! Love the sugar cubes!

    1. Thanks Sue! I have more sugar cube ideas - decided to save a few for next year - plus I was running out of time!

  6. Holy festive Batman! I'd love to spend Christmas in your home. In fact, any time of the year because you're super awesome with everything you create and the presentation of the awesomeness creations. Wow, that's a tongue-twister!

    Everything right down to the last detail... that white pom pom on the pipe cleaner, the decorated sugar cubes.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

    1. I'd love for you to come and spend Christmas in my home...then I would put you to work. I would make you take pictures - just like all the awesome ones on your blog! :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I'm in love with all your ideas here. By the way, I don't think your book would be a hit, I'm sure it would be. In fact, you could write a separate book for every season with your party ideas, let alone a book for birthday party ideas and each & every one of them would fly off the shelves.

    1. You're just too sweet - if the book ever does happen - I'll always think of the encouragement you gave me! :)

  8. where can I get the recipe for the candy cane truffles?

    1. I didn't actually use a recipe for the candy cane truffles - I just made a regular chocolate cake, added a little melted ganache and peppermint extract, mixed it up like a cake ball. Then I added a candy cane and dipped the cake ball in more melted ganache and crushed candy canes.


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