The Partiologist: Oh Christmas Tree Cookies!

Oh Christmas Tree Cookies!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

A sweet cookie friend of mine, Pam, is Crazy for Cookies - you might know her...CookieCrazie?  And she makes crazy cute cookies!  Not only does she make cookies, she just designed this adorable cookie cutter, and all money made from the sale of the cutter (Purchase from Karen's Cookies - HERE) and her cookies go to Ukraine missions .  She invited me to use the cutter and design a cookie.  I had so many visions of sugar cookies dancing in my head...

Only two visions danced onto my cookies.

Take a peek at how I made the cookie~
1.  Use any green fondant.
2.   Roll out.
3.  Cut with tree cutter. 
4.  Frost cookie or just paint the cookie with corn syrup and lay the green tree on top. 
5.  Cut into long strips with mincer. 
6.  Make several strips because they may break.
7. Turn strips on the side and curl, any way you like!
8.  After they are all curled, design them on the cookie.
9.  Let the curls harden a little so they can be handled. 
Paint with luster dust mixed with vodka.
10.  Using a little corn syrup, paint the bottom of the curl and attach to the cookie.
 Here's my next vision~
 While taking photos of this cookie, I sort of dropped my camera-
On the cookie... 
And that is how the cookie crumbles...
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 Now that the Christmas cookies are baked and decorated~
It's time to PAR TEE!  Come back for more, I promise it will be...

A Holly, Jolly Good Time!


  1. Your cookies are gorgeous. The cutter is really fun and it's amazing to see so many unique designs created with one cutter.

  2. Both your decorated trees are lovely! Too bad the white one fell victim to a falling camera :( Looking forward to visiting all the other wonderful creations. Love Pam's cookie cutter.

  3. Thanks for your part in this fun project Kim. I love your elegant and festive. :) I hope we'll be able to do many more projects together. :) ♥♥

  4. Sooo pretty! I especially adore the curly q's on the green tree!

  5. Gorgeous! I showed these to my mom and they are her favorite. Even more than mine! hahaha! I love the quilling! Fabulous job!

  6. I'm dying to know how you did the quilting effect on the white tree! It's so perfectly square and even...I haven't seen that before. Please share! Both trees are lovely.

  7. So fun! And both are so elegant! I also made two, the snowman one Pam used, and a Christmas tree with candles on the tips of every branch, with gold "glow" around the flames, using the square "steps". Great project, and the best is seeing how different all the ideas are!

  8. Kim! How gorgeous is this! I have a friend who quills and decorates cakes - I have to forward this to her because she will appreciate your beautiful tree so much! Such a beautiful design! So fun working with you again, my dear! Merry Christmas!
    Maryann - Cookie Artisan

  9. Quilling on a cookie? Are you kidding me???? I LOVE this idea! What an original beautiful cookie!!!

  10. KIM!!!!!! I just adore the quilling on the cookie. I have bee wanting try quilling, so thank you for the tutorial! The quilted cookie is just gorgeous.

  11. Love these Kim!!! You did an amazing work!

  12. Love these cookies, Kim! They are absolutely gorgeous!! By the way, sorry about the cookie casualty - is your camera okay?

  13. Jennifer CookieCutterCreationsDecember 4, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    I loved your swirly tree Kim. But then again I love all things swirl. I hate to pic fav's but I found myself repeatedly looking back at yours!! Such a bummer that your white tree cookie broke...not really though since any broken cookie must be consumed! It's the law in cookie-dom!!! Isn't it? :O

  14. Kim I love both of these!!!....and I've had the same wreckage here at my house. Hope your camera was okay!

  15. Both of your cookies are just beautiful! ..the others are pretty awesome too!


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