The Partiologist: Easter Dipped Pretzels!

Easter Dipped Pretzels!

I realize you cannot dip pretzels in Easter, but I dipped them in such pretty Easter colors and added tiny white sprinkles, they really look like they were dipped in Easter.  However, they were really dipped in candy melts.  And they were Every Bunny's Favorite!

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
I'm pretty sure you know how I made them...dip a pretzel, eat a pretzel.  Repeat until you run out of pretzels.  This time I used the whole wheat pretzels.  Just to keep it healthy. 
I added my own candy melt food color to white, so I could get just the right amount of Easter.  Put one of each color pretzel in a bag and add a topper. 
 And because I want every bunny to love me...
I made the toppers for you!
1.  Print out the toppers on card stock.
2.  Make a crease down the edge of the topper where you'll want the fold.  (You can also do this by hand)
3.  Measure the bag to fit the topper and cut to size.
4.  Fold the toppers in half.
5.  After placing the pretzels in the bag, fold the top twice and staple.
6.  Hot glue the topper to each bag.
Ready for delivery!
Nothin' But Cute!
What's In Your Basket?


  1. You Rock Kim!!! Definitely going to use this idea for this Easter!

    Susan S.

    1. It always makes me so happy to hear someone is using my idea!

  2. Nothing better than a dipped pretzel unless they come in your Easter colors :)

  3. Love the colors! It is like a bag of rainbows:)

  4. Love it when 'cute' is also simple! Great Easter treat idea. :-)


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