The Partiologist: Easter S'mores!

Easter S'mores!

Are you ready for S'more Easter ideas?  How about an Easter S'more that doesn't involve a Peep?  Yes, it can be done!  These Easter S'mores in their pastel colors are the perfect Easter Treat.  I know about them being the perfect treat, I just ate one.  And I hope you'll be eating one too!
Easter S'mores~

Can you see all the fluffy cuteness?
They could be called Open Face S'mores!
Have the Easter Bunny package them up with pretty tulle~
And if you really like chocolate chocolate S'mores, I've got you covered...
Here's How to make them~
1.  Cut Graham Crackers in half.

2.  Place a dollop of melted chocolate in the middle of the cracker.

3.  Top with Jet Puffed StakerMallows.

4.  Drizzle with melted Chocolate.

5.  Before chocolate sets, add sprinkles.

Or use Easter colored candy melts~
With all those pretty colored candy melts...
I decided to make a few Egg'stra cute Lollipops~
Using one of the Lollipop Molds from the dollar spot at Target~
 And I had to cut out a place to lay the stick flat. 
(Remember, these were a dollar)
On the egg to the left you can see where the place for the stick goes up at a slant.  So when I made the first one, the lollipop was lopsided and no one wants a lopsided lollipop!  After I made the cut, it worked perfectly!
Easter Egg Lollipops~
 Did you happen to notice my very high tech lollipop holder?
Turn an egg carton upside down and poke a hole to hold the lollipops!
The Hunt Is On!


  1. I think even I can manage these! So Easter-festive!


  2. I love your Easter s'mores!! I usually associate s'mores with being messy,but yours look so tidy. :) I love the colors too!

    1. I'll only admit this to you, I've never eaten a "real" campfire roasted s'more because of the mess it could be. I did however, eat a few of these! :)

  3. How cute are these!!! And all your ideas here are just adorable. You are such an inspiration and you have such a cute personality. Its so much fun to come here to your blog!

    1. Thanks Nann - I'm always so happy when you stop by! :)

  4. I really want to be your neighbor! YUM!!!!

  5. Love all the Easter colours on your S'mores and your Easter Egg pops are so pretty!

  6. Can't wait to try those s'mores, they sound delicious! Cheryl

  7. How creative you are. Wonderful post and pictures.

  8. LOVE the s'mores - what a fun idea!

  9. How clever are these! I've not seen those marshmallows in our area..will have to look for them!

    1. Try Safeway (if you have one), I seem to always find them there!

  10. hey now i have those molds-now i'llhave to cut them along with an egg carton to hold the treats! oh you are so smart! :)

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks and enjoy your new treat holder! :)


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