The Partiologist: Valentino!


Finally, finally I had a reason to make this cookie.  I've had it on my to do list for what seems like forever.  My Valentino Perfume cookie.  You can't spray it, but it smells good and you can eat it.

Valentino Perfume

For years, I've wanted to make this bottle of Valentino Perfume...
...into a cookie. 
Today I did. Thanks to Lila Loa and her challenge to use the diamond ring cookie cutter, well, for something other than a diamond ring.
And, we were allowed to "alter" the original shape, as you can see.
Not that anyone will want to make this cookie, I took a few photos.  And I am going to show you said photos and tell you how to make it.  Because, like I said, I took photos.
Start with flesh tone fondant (Wilton)
Roll and cut a circle to fit the size of the cookie.
Cut seven small round circles.
Place the circles o top of one another.
Roll together with fondant roller.
Place on sponge and smooth out the petals with round tool (Wilton)
Now add a little pink to the flesh color and cut a circle.
Using a knife, cut fondant into a spiral.
Lay on sponge and thin and press edges.
Beginning in the middle, roll up into a rose and place on fondant.
Next add a little more pink to fondant and repeat, making this spiral larger.
Roll up from the center, press edges and place on fondant circle.
Next I cut a rectangle piece of fondant and curved the sides in and rounded the top.
The top is a black sixlet with a gold dragee stuck on with black frosting.
It smells good either way, Perfume or a Cookie.
Today, I'm the...
Eau de Partiologist!


  1. Very cute! You just gave me an idea for a cupcake topper. :)

    1. Thanks Tracy - I would love to see your cupcake topper!

  2. FUN project. I can 'smell' it through the computer. Wonderful and delicious....ooh la la.

    1. Ha Ha - wouldn't it be fun to be able to smell all the goodies!!

  3. Lovely cookie, Kim!

  4. That is beautiful!



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