The Partiologist: Flower Garden Cupcakes & Cookies!

Flower Garden Cupcakes & Cookies!

Today I'm guest posting over at Hungry Happenings, do you happen to know her?  Beth is quite awesome and always has something pretty exciting going on, you might say she is one very busy gal! 
I am happy to help her out today and show you the small garden of daisies I planted for my mom. My mom not only is a cake decorator and artist, she also loves flowers.  And she knows how to plant and take care of them.  Something I don't have a clue about and will probably never learn.  I once planted tulips...upside down.  They grew, just had to make a little U-Turn! 
I wanted to surprise her with a little garden of daisies for mother's day and by that, I mean a cupcake flower garden. 

Flower Garden for Mom

These are the type of daisies I can grow~
Pastel colored fondant.
Mini daisy plunger cutter.
Cut several flowers out of the fondant and place on foam.
Press the center of each flower with the tip of a wooden dowel.

Now on to the fondant sign~
Start with brown fondant or chocolate candy clay.
I added white because the Wilton fondant was too dark.
I used my Makins embossing mat to make the wood grain.
Roll out the brown fondant.
Lay embossing mat across the fondant and hold in place while pressing across the top with the fondant roller. (Not shown)
Using the Altoid container, cut out the sign.
Press Happy Mother's Day in the sign using a letter embossing stamp.
Make sure you put the letters in your stamp the right way or it will be backwards like the last photo. 
I did that just to show you what would happen...well, sort of.

Next you'll need to bake and make the garden sign~
With my gazillion cookie cutters, I still didn't have the cutter I wanted.
I needed a rectangle cutter with a rounded edge. 
I used my Altoids container (which I took apart) to cut the cookies.
 After they were baked and as soon as they came out of the oven,
I inserted Popsicle sticks.
Once they cooled, add a little Karo syrup and brush across cookie.
Apply the garden sign.

Time to assemble the cupcake garden.
Oops, I forgot to tell you to bake the cupcakes...So, Bake The Cupcakes!!
After baking the cupcake and letting it cool,
I frosted the top of the cupcake with green butter cream frosting.
Pile it high so it makes a mound for your garden!
Add a cupcake liner to the bottom of the terracotta pot and then add the cupcake.
Frost around the top of the cupcake with a grass decorating tip.
Add the fondant flowers, garden sign and white bow if you'd like!
I didn't realize what a terrific gardener I had become because out of the cupcake garden, I grew so many daisies I didn't know what to do with them.  And then I DID know what to do with them~
Bake your M-O-M cookie letters~
Frost M cookie with butter cream using the basket weave tip.
Start in the middle, work your way down then turn and frost the top.
Once it is frosted, clean the edges with a spatula.
 Sprinkle with sanding sugar.
Add your mini daisies, one at a time until the cookie is covered.
Using the round tip #4, pipe white centers in each daisy.
Fill in around the daisies with mint green frosting leaves.
It's the perfect garden wouldn't you does your garden grow?
Thank you Beth for letting me share my gardening skills with you today!
The Floured Thumb Gardener!



  1. So pretty and sweet!

  2. So pretty! I love them all and they're so perfect for Mother's Day!

  3. These are so creative and beautiful~way to GROW! :) Cheryl

  4. That "MOM" flower garden is wonderful!! I would love to get that for Mom's Day!!

    1. My mom reported that she ate the "O" so now she still has mmmmmm!! :)

  5. Wow! I love the type of daisies you can grow! How talented you are!

  6. How pretty, pretty, pretty. Can't say it enough...PRETTY! You are so talented. Thanks so much for adding this to our dessert link party last Sunday. Hope you will stop by again this week and also stop by for my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

  7. You are a genius to use the container to cut out the shape. These are so beautiful!


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