The Partiologist: Pupcakes in the Park!

Pupcakes in the Park!

I wanted Pupcakes in the park for the dining table centerpiece.  But how??? This is  where I started:

Grass ~ Check
Tree ~ Check
Frisbees ~ Check
Paw Prints ~ Check
Fence ~ Check
And this is how the table ended up!

Doggy Themed Party Table

Complete with a fenced in park~

I used a black photo frame and cut Astroturf to fit.  I had a huge mess on my floor so I would recommend you do this outdoors.  Planted a white cardboard tree, and thankfully it grew to just the right size before the paw-ty.

How would you like to make a few Pupcakes or twelve? 
Here's a few photos~
 Sitting on mini black Frisbees with paw print wrappers!

 Maybe slobbering a little. 

You certainly won't be in the dog house if you have cookies for your guests.  So I added a dog house cookie at each place setting.

 I felt like living on the edge, so I got out my air brush machine and used it on part of the cookie.  Any one up for making dog house cookies with me? 

After baking your favorite dog house sugar cookie, turn it upside down. 
Start piping your red buttercream frosting across the cookie using the #48 decorating tip.
Turn it around again and finish until the cookie is covered in frosting.
Then clean the edges with an off set spatula.
While holding over a paper plate, sprinkle the cookie with red sanding sugar.

I embossed white fondant with a wood grain embossing mat.  Then I pressed the name MAX into the fondant and hand cut into shapes to resemble a sign. 
Now, here's the part where I was living dangerously...
I got out that air brush machine. 
Then I sprayed lines across the dog house to make the wood siding.
I added the sign and pressed the corners with the top of a round decorating tip to look like nails. 
Use the Wilton grass tip to make the grass and immediately sprinkle with multi colored nonpareils.
I also added a few Wilton candy bones.
For the roof, I piped on black frosting with a #103 ruffle tip.

Now package them up for the Paw-ty!

I knew we would need a little something extra to wash down all the sweets. 
So Paw-Ty Punch was served!

Cut the paw out with a punch - too much work.  Cut the letters out with my Cricut!

Added the punch and of course, paw shaped ice cubes!

 Ready to be served!


 And I have good news...
Only ONE more post before the Paw-Ty is over. 
Don't end up in the dog pound - you must come back!

Hot Diggity Dog!


  1. PUPCakes!! I think you should open a bakery! These would sell out everyday because they are so "dog"gone cute!

    1. Thanks Lisa, but I think I'll leave the bakery up to the pros! :) I would have to charge $10.00 per pupcake! ha ha

  2. That's not good news. You could keep these ideas coming!!!! I love everything you have done. The cupcakes on mini frisbees - so clever. The dog house cookies look fantastic. Your airbrushing skills are great. Every detail is Paw-fect:)

    1. That's just what I needed to hear as I'm about to post another page full of paw-ty ideas! :)

  3. oh my goodness! the pupcakes in the park! the paw ice in the pawty punch! the doghouses! which one is cutest? that's the question of the day :)

  4. Adorable. Kathy

  5. Oh, I have loved these puppy themed party posts SO much, Kim! :)

    1. That makes me so happy to hear that you are lovin' the puppy posts! :)

  6. Totally cute cupcakes and doggie house cookies. My kids would think they were toys and play with the doggies and houses!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Hmmm, that would be kind of fun for kids!

  7. These are so cute - I especially love the doghouse cookies well done with the airbrush.

    1. For some reason the airbrush scares me, but once I get it out, I want to paint the entire room! :)

  8. Love the pupcakes. You did a great job with the airbrush!!

    1. There might be a new and my airbrush!! :)


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