The Partiologist: Turkey Cake Pops...Gobble Gobble!

Turkey Cake Pops...Gobble Gobble!

I would like to be the first to welcome you to the month of November.  Lately I've been coming up with ideas using the snowman cake pop mold... remember the Spider Cake Pops?  After making those, I decided to challenge myself this month and use the snowman cake pop mold in a new way.  After I created the Pumpkin Pie Cake Pop, I knew a Turkey was not far behind...
Turkey Cake Pop
What?  You were expecting to see a photo of me?

No...Turkey Cake Pops!!
These little guys are much cuter, don't you think?
 Okay, on to how I made these gobblers...
Roll and cut brown Wilton fondant with a scalloped edge  cutter.

Count out 9 scallops and cut across.

This is the back part of his tail feathers.

Let dry overnight or longer!

Now he needs his turkey toes~
I made them by using yellow Wilton fondant and a teensy, weensy, ghost cookie cutter.

Call it good, okay?

On to the feathers - tail feathers~
Roll and cut yellow, orange and red Wilton fondant with the super, duper daisy cutter.

You'll only need the petals.

Brush a bit of water to the back side of each petal and stick them to the brown fondant.
Now for the challenge...the snowman cake pop turned turkey.
 Mix your favorite cake pop mixture and grab your snowman cake pop mold.
You did buy that mold didn't you?
CandiQuik was the PERFECT texture for dipping the turkeys.
See how smooth?  And it doesn't take long at all for the chocolate to set.
Almost ready for the assembly line, first let's make the waddle.
Seriously, who named this part the "waddle"?
I'm thinking a guy must have come up with that one because no woman in their right mind would name any part of the body a "waddle"!
Anyway, this is the how to...
Roll and cut red fondant with a small tear drop cutter.
Shape the "waddle" around the outside of the cuter.
To place on the turkey, add a bit of white royal icing.
Assembly Line Time!
Gather all of your feathers and pipe white royal icing in the center.
Stick the chocolate turkey cake pop on the royal icing.
Add a couple of dots of royal icing to add the eyes.
Cut small diamonds, then cut in half and use for the beak.
Add the turkey toes and "waddle" and it's complete!
 You know what to do now, don't you?
 Shake Your Tail Feathers!


  1. Perfect in every way. Happy November to you. :) ♥

  2. These are by far the nicest turkey cake pops I've ever seen. I don't often think of turkeys as being beautiful, but your's are gorgeous. I love how you cleverly used a daisy cutter to make the wings. Genius!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. Thanks Beth, I agree, I don't often think of turkeys being cute! (Unless you're talking about me - lol!)

  3. oh my!!!!! heck yeah i'm calling them good AND shaking my tail feathers (which is not exactly good to look at-lol!) but these turkeys? P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

  4. The snowman mold is perfect! I love how plump it makes the turkey!

  5. Oh my goodness - so adorable! Every detail is amazing. I love the feet! : )

    1. Thanks Heather - glad you love the feet - that part had me puzzled!

  6. You should shake your tail feathers, because your pops are outstanding!!! Love the use of the snowman ... can't wait until next month :)

    1. Awww, thanks! And I can't wait to show you NEXT month the cake pop I made with the snowman mold!

  7. PERFECTION!! Every little detail is awesome :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer - it's all in the detail, right?

  8. These could not be any more perfect or adorable, Kim!

  9. Now those are something!!!!! Love the colors. from, twobeautifulgirls

  10. Wowzer...those are the best!!!!




  12. I want to gooble, gooble these up!! Love how you used a daisy cutter! Pinning NOW!!

    1. Thanks for pinning Lisa - and you're welcome to come by and start gobbling! :)

  13. The straws, the feathers, the cute little bodies...everything looks perfect! Pinned & sharing!

    1. Thanks for pinning and sharing! I'm in love with my new CandiQuik! :)


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