The Partiologist: Puttin' on the Glitz!

Puttin' on the Glitz! about something sparkly for everyone?

Taking a little time to create the perfect backdrop for my glittery gold themed glasses didn't take long at all, nor did it cost much.  If you've been following my blog, you probably notice that I use a blank canvas for the backdrop on my counters.  This time I made it sparkle!

All that Glitters is GOLD!
All I did was use a little spray adhesive and gold glitter.
Pure Sparkles!  Pure Gold!  Pure Glitter!

As always, not a glass goes undecorated for a party~

Each glass was rimmed with sanding sugar and edible gold glitter.
And the base with tied with gold and white tulle.

I placed each wine glass on a gold doily along with a tasting spoon, tied with the same gold ribbon as around the stem.  The white chocolate cake ball was topped with a duff fondant holly leaf that I dusted with gold shimmer dust and gold dragees.

Here's a little how to:

Round Tulle placed under each glass and tied with a gold ribbon.
Dipped the rim of each glass in Karo syrup then in edible gold glitter and sugar.

Now if that's not enough sparkle, I made a couple of gold displays.

On each side of the counter, there is more glitter holding more glittery glasses.

Seriously, a bottle of glitter and spray adhesive goes a long way.

See those lamp shades?

I found them at Joann Fabrics on clearance for a dollar.

Brought them home and sprayed them gold.

Then I sprayed them with spray adhesive and immediately sprinkled them with glitter.

I took a tired serving tray apart and sprayed the bottom of the glass with the adhesive and more glitter. 

Placed the glass tray on top of the lampshade.

Oh, and I hot glued gold bow Christmas ornaments on the front of each glass!

I hope you're not getting tired of glitter...or gold... 

A girl can never have enough glitter!

All That Glitters IS Gold!


  1. Yay for sparkles and glitter! :)

    1. AGREED, yay for sparkles and glitter! You'll be seeing lots of that in your future! :)

  2. You can never have enough sparkle! I love the tulle on the bottom of the glasses. And those cake balls are so pretty. The whole display pulled together beautifully!

    1. Thank you so much Janine - I'm happy you stopped by!

  3. Sooooooo Very Beautiful. If I could just be there!


  4. So much glitter and I'm absolutely loving it! I adore anything glitzy! Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas ♥

  5. Beautiful! I love all the sparkles! The cake balls are so pretty and look so delicious!

  6. you made glass stands out of LAMP SHADES?!?!! girlfriend you got it goin' on! :>O you have SO many ideas and each one is fantastically executed! wowza.

    1. I sure do have it going on - lol - not sure what to call it though! :)


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