The Partiologist: Toy Soldier & Drum Cake Pops!

Toy Soldier & Drum Cake Pops!

I'm sort of on a cake pop kick. 

These Toy Soldier Cake Pops have been marching in my head for quite some time and today they marched right onto my blog!

Toy Soldier Cake Pops
If you want a toy soldier cake pop, you better get marching too!

Here's how~
Use the Wilton Brownie pan to form your cake pops.
Melt Vanilla CandiQuik and add a little pink candy coloring.
Insert the stick into the rounded part of the cake pop.
Dip all the cake pops you plan to make.
Melt chocolate CandiQuik and add black candy coloring.
Dip the top part of the cake pop into the black CandiQuik and immediately sprinkle with black sanding sugar.
Cut a small oval out of black fondant for the brim.
Use the strip cutter No. 2 and cut black strips for the band.
Cut red strips with the No. 2 Strip cutter and add around the hat.
To make the mustache cut out fondant with the top of a Wilton ruffle decorating tip.
Add yellow fondant circles made with the top of a Wilton #12 decorating tip and top with a red candy dragee. 
 Dust a little pink shimmer dust for the blush, because he's cold. 
He's been marching outside all day long and it's below zero! 
And what Toy Soldier wants to march without a drum? 
Not mine, so I had to make Drum Cake Pops!
 If you want drums for your toy soldiers, here's how~
Make your cake pop batter. 
Roll out thick and cut with desired round cookie cutter. 
Melt vanilla CandiQuik and add red candy color. 
Dip the sticks in a little melted chocolate and into the drum. 
Dip each drum in the red chocolate and let set. 
Cut out white fondant in circles to place on top of the drum. 
I painted a little gold luster on the top of the drum. 
Then cut out green strips using the No. 3 strip cutter and add a green strip to the top and bottom of the drum. 
Using the smallest strip cutter, I cut out white strips and added them diagonally to the side of the drum and sealed each point with a edible gold dragee. 
Then pipe a little chocolate fondant in a round line for the drum sticks.
All the fondant is added by using a small amount of water as "glue". 
Just dip a tiny paint brush in water and brush on the back of the fondant.
Now you can march to the beat of your own drum!
Rum Pum Pum Pum!


  1. I thought the toy soldiers were adorable, then I saw your teeny drums!!! Love these.

    1. Aww, thanks Paula! You can't have a drummer without a drum, right?

  2. Your Toy Soldier Cake Pops have blown me away. The detail is amazing. Everything about them is sweet. Love the drums too, especially the little drum sticks. Pinning both:)

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  3. rum pum pum pum!!! holy schmoly i LOVE these guys! in fact, i think they are long lost brothers or cousins with my guys that i made today :>D no wonder i like you so much Kim! heehee

    1. Well, I like you too, I'll have to check out your little guys, I can't wait! :)

  4. Simply simply AMAZING!!!! The detail on these two cake pops are just beautiful. Nothing was not thought of. You blow me away every time. from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. So happy you noticed the extra detail on the cake pops!! Thanks!

  5. Oh my goodness, oh my I love these!


  6. Dang Girl!! You are on FIRE!!! These are out of this world amazing!

    1. I'm on some sort of cake pop thing - more are popping in my head! :)

  7. Wow - the detail on these is amazing! I love the fuzzy hats!

  8. Your toy soldiers wow me! They're just adorable and every time I've ever attempted a cake pop it's been a hot mess. Incredible and so cute!

    1. Hot mess - ha ha - you'll have to make my lump of coal cake pops!! They're meant to be a HOT MESS! :)

  9. Wow, Kim, Wow!! I love all your cake pops but these are definitely at the top of my list. Love those tiny drum sticks! I have a fondant question though... Do all the fondant pieces just natural adhere to the cake pop in place? Or, do you have to wet it or apply some type of fondant glue?

    1. Thanks so much Mike! And while I can make a cake pop or two, I'm terrible at tutorials! I totally forgot to mention that I do paint a little water to the back of the fondant to apply, so thank you - I just added that IMPORTANT piece of advice. I'm really surprised that someone actually READ my tutorial! :)

  10. Replies
    1. Glad you like my little cake pops, for some reason, I've made more cake pops then cookies this Christmas! :)

  11. What great giveaways I would love to have for Christmas.Just starting to practice with the easy cake pop roller. Rebecca (


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