The Partiologist: Sweet Disney Treats!

Sweet Disney Treats!

It all started with a I was helping a friend pack up for a move, I noticed a wall shelf sitting on the floor that she was getting rid of.  I realized if I turned it upside down it would be a perfect party prop to fill with sweets and she was kind enough to hand it over.  My sister LOVED the shelf filled with birthday treats, just for her party!

Disney Main Street Confectionery! 

On the top shelf were the glass bottles ready to be filled with either milk or O.J.

The glasses were decorated with ribbon and Mickey Mouse cut outs.

On the next shelf below were Minnie's Magic Chocolate Cake and Enchanted Kingdom Coconut Cupcake.

The chocolate cakes were not only topped with toasted coconut, they were also topped with black cut out mouse ears and a red polka dot bow!  (After I cut out the mouse ears and added the bow, I glued a toothpick on the back to stick it in the little cakes).

And right below the chocolate cakes were those yummy coconut cupcakes, topped with yes, plastic mouse ears!

One of my favorites of the party - COCONUT!

Below the coconut cupcakes were polka dot bags filled with homemade cinnamon candy.

LOTS of cinnamon candy - it took four batches to fill 10 bags.

I should have used smaller bags!
Here's the shelf again~
I think it has found it's home, don't you?

And a little FYI...I haven't even gone into the kitchen yet!  What do you want to see next - the cake?  the counters?  the table?  the cookies?  the island?  The...yea, I could go on and on.

It's beyond Magical!


  1. Sweet Disney Treats Indeed! Wonderful Disney Treats! I tasted these treats...actually, I ate a lot of these treats! Not only were they beautiful, they were delicious! Oh my! AND...this is only the beginning!


    1. I did more than taste my share of treats - and now they're gone....

  2. WOW! What a great use of a shelf! I am so glad you saved it. It is perfect for your Disney party.

    I would love to see the cake next.

    1. When my friend said she was getting rid of it, I had to rescue it and make good use of it! :)

  3. That is such a fantastic use of the shelf. Now I feel the need to go buy something just like it for our parties. The shelf really worked perfectly for all your Disney treats.

    1. Keep your eyes open, I'm sure you'll find something similar that is about to be tossed out! :)

  4. turn a shelf upside down? you got me turned upside down with all the fabulousness going on here :>D what do i wanna see next? a party at my place that's at least half as good as yours!

    1. Glad to hear I've got you turned all upside down!

  5. The shelf display is so adorable! I think you could set up shop at Disneyland and be very profitable!


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