The Partiologist: DIY Cookie Baking Gift Set!

DIY Cookie Baking Gift Set!

Today it's all about the good deals.  And to save you the trouble of black Friday shopping, I'm sharing an easy Christmas gift idea, which can be made for a great price anytime.  Like now.  And it's snowing, yes, I said snowing and cold, so I thinks it's time to start baking.
While on a cheap date to the Dollar Store, which wasn't much of a date because my husband didn't want to come in with me, I found a few things I thought would make a fun little gift.
Cookie Baking Gift Set!
 You can have it put together in minutes for under $8.00.

I'll even include the printable for the tag!
Here's what you need to fill the bag...
Red handle mixing bowl - Dollar Store

Red measuring spoons and measuring cups by Betty Crocker - Dollar Store

Red Spatula by Betty Crocker - Dollar Store

Betty Crocker chocolate chip baking mix.  Make sure it's Betty Crocker, today, it's all about Betty - I found this mix at the grocery store.

Fill the bottom of the bowl with white paper shred.

Place the chocolate chip cookie mix on top of the paper shred.

Add the spatula, measuring cups and measuring spoons.

And a candy cane because it's Christmas.

Peppermint wrap (2 per pkg.) - Dollar Store.
Place the bowl and all the items into the plastic gift bag.
Tie with red ribbon and add little tag.
I'm Wishing your a very Sweet Christmas!


  1. Such an easy fun gift! Thanks for inspiring me!


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